Who is Solli?

Solli Kanani

Digital Marketing Specialist and a Professional Photographer based in Paris. It was the City of Light that gave birth to my passion for photography a few years ago when I moved here from Sweden, my native country. I have a great desire to wander in distant places, to explore off the beaten path and that is why I’m constantly traveling, near the sea or in nature. The energy I find there is not only a great resource to my soul but also it enriches me with inspiration and lifelong memories. With my photos and stories I wish to share what I see and experience. Welcome to my journey!

Creating a deeper connection with places and people is for me, fundamental. My primary aim is to capture the soul in my frame. Immortalizing authentic and instant moments is a part of my life’s journey that I wish to share.


Ballerina Paris


As a social media expert and an accomplished digital marketing professional specialized in digital campaigns planning, creativity and analysis across digital platforms, I have successfully delivered business performance in an international setting. With an extensive knowledge in digital tools, I know how to reach out to target audiences, build awareness and create engagement. I am also a professional photographer, a passion I have transformed into a thriving business. Today I offer the following services :

Digital marketingPhotography
Content creation for web, advertising and
social media
Social Ads (Facebook and Instagram)
Social media strategy
Community management
Photo shoot session
Fine Art prints
Workshops and photo tours
Product reviews
Product testing


โ€œPhotography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

Dorothea Lange