Finding an apartment in Paris

Moving to Paris is a dream for many people and to take that first step and to make it happen can be a little difficult in the beginning if you already don’t have any place to live. I often recieve e-mails and comments on my blog from people who wants help to find accommodation in Paris. Unfortunately I can not do any magic, BUT I’m willing to share my tips:

1. Keep track of “Leva-i-Paris”-site , Swedish accommodation forum, it is updated continuosly with people looking for roommates or want to rent out a room or an apartment in Paris.

2. Keep an eye on the bulletin board they have at the Swedish Church, you can also e-mail them telling you are looking for accommodation in Paris and they’ll post your request on their website. The Danish Church also has accommodation ads on their website and the American church has a bulletin board at place.

3. The French site PAP – De particulier a particulier. The ads are also translated in English. Here you can find ads for both rooms and apartments for rent. PAP is also available in printed version as a journal and comes out once a week, on Thursday morning. Buy the journal early on a Thursday morning and call on all the interesting ads, to increase your chances to be first to see the apartment.

4. Svenska studenthemmet , they have accommodation for Swedish and International students.

5. Le Bon Coin – the French equivalent of the Swedish Blocket.

There are lots of agencies in Paris that can help you with finding an apartment, here are examples of some of them:

* One Year in Paris
* Paris renting
* Lodgis
* New York Habitat

Agencies are taking a fixed amount for their service, and you should assume that you have to pay 2-3 months’ advance rent and deposit.

If you do not have much money, my advice is to reserve accommodation at a hotel or a hostel for a few days ago to search accommodation in at place. But if you want to be guaranteed an accommodation regardless of price, you should contact an agency.

One should also bear in mind that in Paris you have to have a “dossier” when you go to the showings of studios, if you don’t bring a dossier with you it is very difficult to be chosen as a tenant.

A “dossier” consists of:

* Copy of your ID card or passport
* Copy of your contract of employment
* Copies of the creditor’s identification documents (if you have one or more creditors in France or Sweden)
* Copies of your and your creditor three most recent payroll
* Letter from your or your creditor stating that he/she/they certify that they go bail for you

It is not totally impossible to get an accommodation without a “dossier”. With luck and the right contacts you can find accommodation without it.

Hope my tips can be useful for all you out there thinking about moving to Paris :-)

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