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La Meringaie – a pavlova paradise in Paris

Exquisite pavlovas at La Meringaie in Paris

Step into the universe of La Meringaie in Paris and find yourself in a heaven of pavlova and other delightful desserts made with meringue.

I clearly remember when I was passing by La Meringaie’s shop when it just had opened at Rue Cherche Midi, where I was living before, in 2017. As I’m a big fan of meringue, in particular the dessert pavlova, I was excited that this piece of heaven had opened so close to me.

A few days ago I had the great pleasure of visiting La Meringaie’s laboratory and shop in the 17th arrondissement in Paris together with my dear partner in pastry, Parisbreakfast.

La Meringaie
In all the boutiques of La Meringaie you can see how the pavlovas are prepared.
Meringues for pavlova just out of the oven

Visiting the laboratory

Marie, one of the owners, warmly welcomed us and showed us around so we could see where the magic happens! It was fun to see how the fluffy, velvety meringue was whipped up, the piping process, the meringues that just had been baked and also how a pavlova was made right in the shop. All pavlovas you find in their boutiques in Paris are made the same day, so you can be ensured to have a fresh dessert. It was fascinating to see that here, all the meringues to La Meringaie’s 5 boutiques in Paris where made daily.

The meringues made for the pavlovas are sent to the boutiques where they get their toppings, such as whipped cream, ganache, fresh fruit, and berries, depending on the recipe. Marie told us that there are a few new pavlovas every week, and she decides the toppings based on what the season has to offer. Most of their suppliers are based in France, in different regions, and with whom they have a long collaboration with.

pavlova meringue
Meringue for a pavlova for 8 persons

In the end of our visit we got to make a pavlova and macaron tasting! We got the pleasure to try their pavlova Pélagie ( meringue with whipped cream infused with lime zest, raspberry and passion fruit) and the Easter edition, Bérénice (meringue with milk chocolate ganache with passion fruit, plain whipped cream, mango, raspberry) and their equivalents in macarons. They were both exquisite! Perfect combination of sweetness and acidity yet still very light. Its the perfect dessert and if you are gluten intolerant you are safe ;-)

In the making of meringue

The story behind La Meringaie

How was La Meringaie born? Marie revealed that both her and her husband, are both fan of pavlovas. Many years ago, when they were living in the US, Marie was often making pavlova when they were having guests over. Her pavlovas were always loved by the guests and that’s how the idea of creating La Meringaie came about.

Pélagie – one of La Meringaies pavlovas

The meringue they create for their pavlovas is crispy on the outside and soft inside. And Marie names every pavlova after French girls names from the 17th century, like Augustine, Antoinette and Rosalie. I think thats beautiful and adds a personality to each pavlova. She has created over 100 recipes and if you run out of ideas of toppings, make sure to buy their book that you can find in all of their boutiques. The whipped cream they use is often infused with herbs or zests for a delightful perfume and the toppings are fresh fruits or berries of the season.

Fancy making your own pavlova? Then look for the “meringue tout nue” that you can find in all of the La Meringaie’s shops. It exists in 4 different sizes, individual and for up to 8 persons. All you need is to add whipped cream and the topping of your choice :-)

Meringues for individual pavlovas
La Meringaie
PAVLOVA – by La Meringaie – here you will find the best recipes of pavlovas
Cute individual pavlovas
La Meringaie
Roulé de meringue
Bérénice – Easter edition pavlova
La Meringaie
We got to taste Bérénice and Pélagie
La Meringaie
La Meringaie – vitrina with various desserts made with meringue

La Meringaie

With 4 boutiques in Paris and one in Neuilly Sur Seine, you can easily get your dose of pavlova and meringues whenever you feel for it. Below you will find the address to their first shop and on their website, you can find the addresses of their other boutiques.

La Meringaie 21, rue de Lévis – 75017 Paris

Many thanks Marie for this wonderful visit, we enjoyed it very much :-)

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  • Marie
    04 April 2023 at 14:45

    La Meringaie sounds like a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth – I can practically taste the fluffy meringues and creamy fillings just reading about it!

  • Sara
    04 April 2023 at 15:05

    I love discovering new dessert spots when I travel, and La Meringaie sounds like a must-visit pastry shop for any foodie visiting Paris.

  • Caroline
    05 April 2023 at 0:32

    Your visit at La Meringaie has me convinced – I’ll definitely be making a stop there on my next trip to Paris <3

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