BenQ WiT desk lamp – review

A perfect desk lamp should be adaptable to the users different needs when working at the desk and not the other way around. BenQ has created WiT, a smart desk lamp that I have had the possibility to review.

A few weeks ago I received a WiT E-Reading Desk Lamp from BenQ for my new studio. I often edit my photos in the late evenings but its not easy to find a desk lamp that would suit my needs of light when editing images.

However with the WiT E-Reading Desk Lamp from BenQ I can easily adjust the temperature and brightness and this way I can edit my images without worrying about not getting the colors right in my images. I noticed quickly its a high quality lamp as its very stable and also flexible as I can turn it in different angles and it keeps its position without moving an inch after some time.

What I also like about this flicker-free LED-lamp is that its made by eco-friendly materials. Its important for me as a consumer that the products I use make a small environmental footprint and I appreciate that BenQ has that in mind and has used very little plastic and that most metal used in this lamp is recyclable metal.

BenQ WiT Desk Lamp
BenQ WiT Desk Lamp

BenQ WiT Desk Lamp main characteristics

  • Flicker-free LED
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Adjustable color temperature (3000K-5700K)
  • 90 cm lighting range
  • Illuminance of 500 lux
BenQ WiT Desk Lamp
BenQ WiT Desk Lamp – you can easily switch from normal desk lamp (orange) to e-reading mode (green)
BenQ WiT Desk Lamp
BenQ WiT Desk Lamp – you can easily switch from normal desk lamp (orange) to e-reading mode (green)

My experience with BenQ WiT Desk Lamp

I haven’t had any good experience with the previous desk lamps I have had. They have either been too strong for my eyes, never stayed in their position (the lamp has slowly fallen down) and I had not been able to change the temperature of the light.

Setting up the WiT Desk Lamp was a piece of cake, it didn’t take me more than 5 minutes to screw it together and find it a nice spot on my desk. The first thing I noticed was its sleek, minimalistic and futuristic design. It perfectly matches the style in my studio and doesn’t take any space. Its very easy to handle, with touch functions and rotating the knob for adjusting the brightness and also change the color temperature.

So far I have only had a great experience with the lamp, its easy to use and adapt to my different needs while working.

What I love about the lamp:

– easily adjust the temperature and brightness

– its extremely stable, stands in its place once you have positioned it

– slim design, the length of the lamp and area it lights up matches the space where I need the light

-some parts of the lamp are made of eco-friendly materials ( and BenQ also informed me that they will try to have more eco-friendly packaging in the future which I find its important and I’m happy they are taking this step)

Finally a high quality desk lamp that stays in its position, is gentle with the eyes and with the posibility to adjust the color temperature and brightness

BenQ WiT Desk Lamp
BenQ WiT Desk Lamp


After some time using BenQ WiT Desk Lamp when editing my photos on the monitor, but also when I have been sketching, making notes or simply used my laptop on my desk I have been able to use the lamp in various situations that has demanded different brightness and temperature. I’m happy this lamp has been up for the game for these different situations. The main characteristic that has been most important to me has been that its flicker-free, which is important as I sit quite long hours at the desk with the lamp, but also that I can adjust the brightness and temperature. The bonus is its slim design which I love.

No matter if you are working with your computer or simply need a lamp for when reading I can truly recommend the WiT Desk Lamp from BenQ. Its versatile and will adapt to all your needs of lighting at your desk.

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