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Iceland in Winter, bring a balaclava!

Iceland Roadtrip

Winter Trip in Iceland

Iceland in Winter, bring a balaclava!

When traveling in Iceland you don’t only want to keep yourself warm but also protect your head and face from the strong and cold winds. When I was planning my trip to Iceland I realized I needed to invest in a high quality balaclava as I knew I would stay at least 1 hour in the cold while doing either a sunrise or sunset shooting. After some research I found the Icelandic outdoor clothing brand, Cintamani. The name of this Icelandic company, Cintamani, derives from ancient Sanskrit and means a jewel of good wishes. A jewel that can only be found by those who treat nature with respect <3 Cintamani’s products are all designed and tested in Iceland, developed for all types of weather and are technology advanced and functional. When traveling to Iceland, why not wear clothing designed in Iceland? :-)

Iceland Winter Balaclava

Iceland Winter Balaclava

Balaclava in Merino Wool from Cintamani

I had the opportunity to try Cintamani’s Balaclava, the model called Torfi, on the field during my trip in Iceland in the middle of March (=winter season in Iceland). Torfi Balaclava is made of 80% 220g/m merino wool and 20% polyamide. This mix of fabrics ensures a great stretchability and you will feel comfortable having your head and more part of your face covered by it. The opening for the eyes is adjustable and you can decide how much you wish to cover of your face. The flat-locked seams prevents skin irritation and the fabric itself is very delicate and feels soft on the skin and is therefore very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the merino wool it will keep you warm, it naturally transfers the moisture away from your skin in order to keep it dry and even when wet it still has high insulate properties.

Why is Merino Wool Great in Winter?

Many people (me included) associates wool made products with fabric irritating the skin, but forget about that when it comes to Merino wool! Merino wool is much finer and softer than regular standard wool. The wool comes from the merino sheep and is a natural fiber with air pockets providing great insulation (even when wet!), keeping the heat but it also release body heat when you become too hot. Merino wool prevents odour and bacteria thanks to its natural anti bacterial properties and you can wear it during a longer period without having an unpleasant odour.  Merino wool is very light at weight and the fabric feels very gentle on the skin and is comfortable to wear.

Iceland in Winter, bring a balaclava!

Iceland in Winter, bring a balaclava!

Keep Warm in Iceland

During our trip in Iceland we were of course not only in their winter season but we managed to attract strong winds such as 20m/s almost every day…and up to 35m/s!!! Never underestimate the rough weather in Iceland! Dress accordingly and protect your skin from the extreme cold. In short, I NEVER left the car without my head and face covered with the balaclava in merino wool from Cintamani…and a beanie on top of it, that was how cold it was! It kept my head and face warm and well protected and let me stay out shooting more than I would have been without it. If you plan a trip to Iceland during the winter season, whether you are a photographer or not, I can truly recommend to invest in a balaclava. It will be your best friend on the field, believe me :-) Keep warm and have fun shooting!

Balaclava Torfi from Cintamani

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