Il Gelato del Marchese in Paris

Gelato tasting Paris at Il Gelato del Marchese

Last week I had been invited to Il Gelato del Marchese together with a dear friend. For the occasion of Saint Valentine’s Day they had a special flavor, named Glace de l’Ambassadrice! I’m always eager to try new flavors so it was a pleasure to return to the elegant tea salon of Il Gelato del Marchese for a gelato tasting over a cup of delightful tea and a cappuccino.

I can truly recommend you to do a gelato tasting rather than having a few scopes of flavors. Me and my friend tried 6 different flavors together with a generous filled cup with their delicious homemade panna montata (whipped cream). The flavors we tried were the following: Glace de l’Ambassadrice, pistacchio, chestnut, red pear sorbet with cinnamon, chocolate sorbet and yellow kiwi sorbet. What was hidden behind the flavor of l’Ambassadrice? A vanilla ice cream with pistacchio chunks and orange peel – very delicious and almost like eating an ice cream version of a panettone according to my friend :-) The yellow kiwi is a true favorite of mine and so is the chestnut together with the chocolate sorbet and whipped cream it’s a pleasant combination! The pistacchio is a must try, never in my life I have had this kind of pistacchio ice cream. You can feel the salty taste of the lightly roasted pistacchio’s and it goes perfectly well with the sweetness of the ice cream. Forget about the artificial flavor and color that you’ll find in most commercial pistacchio  ice cream. Here you’ll find the real deal, and it’s not only by the flavor you can tell but also it’s darker green color. No wonder they have won a prize for their pistacchio ice cream ;-) The red pear sorbet with cinnamon was a new flavor combination for me, I’ve tried the red pear before and the cinnamon flavor goes very well with it. The best part with the gelato here is, that there is very little added sugar and only quality ingredients and fresh seasonal products are used!

To drink I had a cup of Les Sept Fées, Hunan green tea with the quintessential flower of chrysanthème and a amarante flower with energizing properties. My friend had a cup of cappuccino, a coffee he have had difficulties to find in it’s right form in Paris, however at Il Gelato del Marchese, it was simply perfetto!

If you want to read more about this luxury tea salon, you can read about my first visit and below I’ve shared a few photos I took during our gelato tasting!

Il Gelato del Marchese3 Rue des Quatre Vents, 75006 Paris

Gelato tasting Paris

Gelato tasting Paris. The pistacchio gelato at Il Gelato del Marchese is a real deal! The best I’ve ever had….

Gelato tasting Paris

Gelato tasting Paris. At Il Gelato del Marchese, red pear sorbet with cinnamon, a tasty combination <3

Teatime in Paris

Teatime in Paris with a gelato tasting

Cappuccino Paris

A perfectly prepared cappuccino, served at Il Gelato Del Marchese in Paris

Il Gelato del Marchese

They don’t only serve gelato at Il Gelato del Marchese…..there is something sweet for everone

Panettone Paris

The delicious Panettone at Il Gelato Del Marchese in Paris

Panettone Paris

Try the panettone at Il Gelato Del Marchese, straight from one of the best suppliers in Milano !

Teatime in Paris

Teatime in Paris – red rose for the Valentine’s theme at Il Gelato del Marchese

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