TomTom Go 6100

TomTomGO 6100

TomTom GO 6100

As I rent a car every time I go on a trip, paying extra costs for having a GPS included (around 15€ per day ) I easily reach a total amount I could have used buying my own GPS device instead, even several by now! Luckily I have had the opportunity to review the GPS device from TomTom – the TomTom GO 6100 which I have been using on my latest 3 trips (Rome and Tuscany in Italy, Brittany and Paris in France, and Algarve and Lisbon in Portugal)

When driving trying to localise different locations for photography a reliable GPS is obligatory. I usually take the dirt roads to find new photography spots and there is usually not any wifi connection for my mobile phone, therefore one of the reasons why I have chosen to use a GPS when I’m out traveling by car, especially since I’m often traveling abroad.

Many people uses the GPS in their smartphone when driving but I still believe a GPS unit responds more to my demands than a smartphone would, most of all because of the reasons I have listed below:

  • the GPS has a bigger screen
  • I won’t consume the batteries of my smartphone
  • with a smartphone, if I get a call the map can disappear for a short while
  • IF something goes wrong with the smartphone, a GPS device is good to have

Benefits with TomTom GO 6100

  • 6-inch screen (with great clarity even during  low and strong sunlight)
  • lifetime map updates free of charge
  • real-time traffic updated and speed camera alerts
  • build-in SIM card makes you always connected to TomTom Traffic (no roaming charges)
  • the battery lifetime allows 2 hours of wireless use
  • the click & go mount provides a great grip (no more falling down GPS devices while driving)

On my previous trips I have had both integrated GPS units in the car (nice to have, but it means I have to register all my addresses manually when renting the car = waste of time,  and I wouldn’t have the new locations I would find with me when I return the car) but also a GPS device mounted on the windshield. Unfortunately the later option haven’t always been very good as sometimes the mount has been of bad quality and been falling of the windshield.

What I love most with my GPS from TomTom is that I can sit with my laptop or smartphone, looking for all spots I want to visit, then save them in my account and they get automatically registered in my GPS. I also appreciate the wide screen giving me a perfect view on how to drive and the very firm grip of the mount and the real-time traffic update. Some places I visit several times a year, such as Tuscany and Brittany, it will now save me lots of time using my GPS with all locations registered.

So far I have used it in Italy (on the busy streets of Rome…I was pretty afraid as I’ve heard how chaotic the traffic is there but following my TomTom really put me on ease. Also in Tuscany my TomTom let me discover beautiful places and I did not get lost! In France I’ve used it in Paris, the real-time traffic updates is very beneficial when you want to avoid the traffic jams when entering Paris. In Brittany it also served me well when locating different light houses on the coastal line. On my latest trip to Portugal, it was used from Lisbon to Algarve and on the coastal line of Algarve. Also there, the TomTom GO 6100 was very reliable and was very beneficial to our trip.

If you are looking for a reliable GPS with great performance where lifetime map updates, real-time traffic updates and speed camera alerts are included I can recommend TomTom Go 6100. For more detailed information, have a look on the product page of TomTom GO 6100.

TomTomGO 6100

TomTomGO 6100 –  The click & go mount provided a very good grip, it never fell off during the ride

TomTomGO 6100 review

TomTomGO 6100 – a great GPS device with a wide screen giving a good overview on roads and directions.

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