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Photo tour in Romania

holbavPhoto tour in Romania

It was in the end of March when I was exploring the green rolling hills in the Spring landscapes of Tuscany where I met the talented Romanian photographer Catalin Urdoi on the field. Also impressed by the stunning sceneries of Tuscany he was proud when showing me some photos he had taken of his native country. I was surprised, it was not the image I had of Romania. The winter landscape photos he showed me remembered me rather of my own native country, Sweden, but 100 years ago. Something I had never seen with my own eyes but in illustrations in children’s books and old photographs.

Back in Paris and after some more research on Romania, the more photos I saw and the more I read about the remoted villages the more I was convinced that it was a place I wanted to explore. After some time of research and when I had decided what area to visit I finally found a local photographer, Vlad Dumitrescu. I ordered several books about Romania and also a language book so that I would at least know some basics. English is widely spoken in Romania, however I feel it’s always good to know some basics or at least greetings and polite words. There are many beautiful regions in Romania, I knew it wouldn’t be my first and only trip so I planned to visit Brasov and the villages and mountains surrounding it. Do have a look on this video and discover Brasov from above!

I wanted to see the green rolling hills, partly covered with lush forest, old wooden houses scattered here and there. I wanted to see the horses, oxes, cows, sheeps enjoying beeing out in the nature. I wanted to see the farmers in the fields with their scythes harvesting, piling up the stacks of hay in the beautiful shape of rockets looking like if they would be ready to be sent to the space. I wanted to meet local artisans who uses their heart and soul to create with their hands. I wanted to see the fog rising through the hills…. My wish list was LONG! The pressure on Vlad was huge. I never thought it would be possible that my wish list would be fulfilled in that short time, but it was and it was an amazing experience.

Before ending I wish to thank Vlad and his wife, two adorable persons, not only for taking me on the daily trips but also for having me in their home, sharing their life with me as if I was their long-time friend. We woke up every morning at 4, had a delicious breakfast that Giorgiana had prepared, fresh bread, 4 different kind of fresh Romanian cheese (urda turned out to become my everyday favourite..topped with organic local honey..addictive!). She also made us homemade lunch that we brought with us on our day trips. We did lot’s of hiking in the nature and I was truly amazed by the sceneries and the untouched nature, but most of all, the local people who let us in their homes and sharing their stories with us <3

To see more of my photos fr Romania, go to my portfolio.

All photos taken with my Nikon D750, lenses : 16-35mm f4 , 70-200mm f2.8 and 85mm f1.4


This is Ana, an adorable woman living on a hilltop together with her son Marcu. We visited her several times and she also made us a delicious peasant potatoe bread for us. More on that in a separate blog post. This photos was taken when we were about to leave.


Ana, preparing the stone oven.

holbav-7Marcu – son of Ana.


Maria showing us a few of her newborn chicken – born the very same morning as we arrived visiting her and her husband


Susana, we passed by her home one afternoon.


Where she was living with her cat, her best friend.

Collecting the dried hay

On my last day we were lucky to see a family piling up the hay on the countryside

Hay scythe Romania

I loved every moment watching these people working with the hay. It was like travelling back in time. They must have thought I was weird…snapping sooo many photos of them while they were working

Sheeps RomaniaSheep enjoying their freedom in nature <3


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