Weekend in Provence

My weekend in Provence. The first day I spent together with a very nice couple I got to know at La Vudèle. We went to Moustiers Sainte Marie where we visited the market, had the obligatory lavender ice cream (miam miam!) finished with a lazy afternoon at Lac St Croix with its amazingly turquoise and crystal clear water. We made a visit to the Saturday market in the village Riez, just like last year, and I also got to spend an afternoon at Jim and Claudia‘s second house with an amazing view, over looking the sunflower and lavender fields while enjoying the pool. On my last day I did hiking to the village Quinson and walked along Les Gorge du Verdon. So many things to do, visit and see in Provence…but my favourite thing was very simple, to walk along the lavender fields and inhale the flowers beautiful scent…thats why I was so happy that Claudia took me to one of the factory’s where they make the essential oil with the harvested lavender flowers. We got to put some of that fresh produced oil on our skin and I smelled lavender the rest of the day :-)

ProvenceLavender and sunflower fields, side by side….Provence
Walking in the sunflower fields :-)
ProvenceWhen in Provence…eat lavender ice cream!Provence
Roses growing outside a church
ProvenceLac St Croix Provence
Lac st croix
ProvenceThe fields nearby La VudèleProvence
Ail at marché de Riez
ProvenceHoney from Miel & Délices du Verdon  Provence
the famous star shaped cookies, after the star in Moustiers
Provenceorganic stand in the marché
ProvenceThe famous eggmanProvence
ProvenceMelons Provence
ProvenceClaudia took me to the Plateau du Valensole so I could see more of the lavender fields..they are all unique
ProvenceOne of the many sunflower fields ProvenceThe village QuinsonProvenceLes Gorges du Verdon ProvenceNo Photoshopping, this is how the water looks like ;-)ProvenceClaudia took me to one of the factory’s where they make the essential oil of the harvested lavender ProvenceThat was an experience! We got to smell the freshly made essentiel oil of the lavenders..and in the photo above you’ll see how the lavenders looks like after the process.Provence
Where the magic happens ;-)

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  • Anna
    02 October 2015 at 12:27

    Stunning… I adore the Gorges du Verdon, it’s a unique place, absolutely breathtaking. There’s a narrow road along the canyon, one direction. On the quick turns you feel like you are driving straight to the sky!! Incredible experience… And it’s also possible to take a boat and follow the river… Hope we will do it one day;)

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