No human being is illegal

No human being is illegal
No human being is illegal. Three weeks ago I participated in a manifestion at Place de la République to show my solidarity for refugees. As it is not already heartbreaking to leave your own country, because of war or terrorism, what media have shown lately, how refugees are being treated when they have reached Europe has not only made me angry but also I feel ashamed over how some people show total lack of empathy. Luckily I know there are many caring souls, not always in the highlight of the media, but they exist and I’m impressed by their work and what they do for the refugees.
We do not choose where we are born nor into what circumstances. I have had the luck to be born in Sweden and can’t even imagine how it is living in the circumstances refugees are. I often wish I could do more than donating money and as the matter of fact there are many different things one can do. Here is a list of different organisations in UK and in Paris, Heather (Secrets of Paris) recenty published this post with a long list of what Parisians can do.

No human being is illegal
No human being is illegal
No human being is illegalDignity
No human being is illegalNo human is illegal

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