Hotel CostesHotel Costes with its delightful courtyard, THE place for not only late night dinners but also for a tea time break in the afternoon. With the antique statues overlooking from the French balconies, salmon coloured walls..and the green plants..I really don’t feel like I’m in Paris…but rather in Rome or another city in Italy. Met up with Parisbreakfast not long ago who insisted we should try the tea from TeaForté she had been offered to review. I had never heard about this elegant pyramid shaped infuser, so pourquoi pas? As I wanted to revive my memories from Provence I opted for the one with organic Lemon and Lavender, a great choice! However, as it was very warm outside that afternoon I really needed something to cool down with….on their dessert menu I found to my delightness that they had yaourt glacée which I wasn’t late to order (by experience they have always been none left when I’ve wanted to order it during my previous visits).

Hotel Costes – 239-241 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris Hotel CostesTeaForté, tea in pyramid shaped packaging…
Hotel Costesand a green leaf as their signature Hotel Costes
Tea time à la TeaForté!
Hotel Costessun-blessed lavender and citrus fruits….Hotel Costes
Have you signed up for Paris Maps yet? I fell in love with this one, not because of my hands holding the ice cream cones but because I see it as an homage to Ile Saint-Louis I bet most visited place, Berthillon ;-)
Hotel CostesDessert was also on the menu, ofcourse. Parisbreakfast tried one of my favourites, the Trifle fruit rouges… Hotel Costes
While I finally got to have my frozen yoghurt! How many times haven’t I been here for dinner and wanted to have the yaourt glacée thats always been finished? This time I was lucky, and it was not only delicious but also very refreshing…
Hotel CostesHotel Costes, one of my favorite places to have dinner at, totally love the interior design by Jacques Garcia.

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This Paris blog is created and maintained by Solli, a Swedish Expat living in Paris working as a Photographer. When she is not behind the lens or setting off to a new destination she loves to be in the kitchen and play around with whole, organic and seasonal food. In this blog she shares some glimpses of her everyday life as a bonne vivante wherever in the world she might be. Enjoy following her journey through life...


  • Parisbreakfast
    09 August 2015 at 5:50

    LOL Thanks!
    We should have shot the map at Bertillon before they closed for the summer!!

  • Solli Kanani
    09 August 2015 at 9:45

    @Parisbreakfast – yes!!! Too bad we didn’t :-(

  • Elizabeth
    09 August 2015 at 9:55

    We always stay at Costes on our weekend trips to Paris. Jacques Garcia has done an excellent job..Their desserts are always a nice treat, my favourite ones: the pavlova and the trifle!

  • Karen
    09 August 2015 at 10:12

    Looks gorgeous! I have their Tea Over Ice set, perfect for the summer :-)

  • Shirley
    09 August 2015 at 20:09

    Going there for our honeymoon next month <3 So excited!

  • Solli Kanani
    13 August 2015 at 23:44

    @Shirley – wow! Lucky you :-)

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