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Château de Villandry

Château de Villandry Château de Villandry is one of the 300 châteaux (castles) in Val-de-Loire region (Loire Valley) and in the end of June me and Parisbreakfast jumped on the first, or one of the earlier trains at Gare de Montparnasse to Tours! Ready for some château-hopping!

As you can tell by my photos I spent most of my time in the stunning gardens of the château, I definately recommend to visit all the gardens of Château de Villandry [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]the gardens of Château de Villandry[/pullquote] while you’re here and do not miss the Maze where you get to play Alice in Wonderland and get lost….just to find yourself among bushes with pale pink roses…. The Château de Villandry was built in 1536 during the Renaissance and bought by the scientist Joachim Carvallo and his American wife in 1906. They devoted the rest of their life to have the castle restored and recreated the gardens to their Renaissance glory. Now said to be one of the most beautiful gardens in France! [pullquote width=”300″ float=”right”]colorful and impressive[/pullquote]Colorful and impressive, definately worth a visit when in Val-de-Loire ;-)


How to get to Château de Villandry from Paris (without a car): Take the train fr Gare de Montparnasse to Tour (1 hour and 15 min) and then the bus Fil blue nr 117 that stops right in front of the castle! Can’t get any easier!

Château de Villandry – 3 rue Principale, 37510 Villandry

All photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s

Château de VillandryChâteau de Villandry – a gardeners delight!
Château de VillandryThe roses were crying…maybe because of the heatwave? Château de Villandry
Well manicured gardens at Château de Villandry
Château de Villandry
Maybe the château with the most beautiful gardens in France?Château de VillandryChâteau de VillandryChâteau de VillandryThe gardens of Château de Villandry – simply breathtaking! Château de VillandryThe courtyard of Château de Villandry Château de VillandryTwo statues inside the castleChâteau de VillandryThe kitchen, the first place I want to see when visiting a castle… Château de VillandryThe staircase in Château de VillandryChâteau de VillandryA room with a view!! I would not have mind at all living here :-) Château de VillandryThose heart shaped bushes filled with pretty flowersChâteau de VillandryWhich garden do you prefer? Château de VillandryThe view from the tower was astonishing! Château de VillandryOne of the fountains Château de VillandryPerfectly trimmed!Château de VillandryEven lavender could be found in one of the many gardens of Château de Villandry Château de VillandryAnd roses…Château de VillandryThe entrance to the Château de Villandry Château de VillandryRoses Château de Villandry
As you know by now, I do not go anywhere without not having ice cream. Found an ice cream parlor right next to the Château de Villandry where they had artisanal ice cream, in my cornet I had a scoop of melon and rose ;-)

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  • Parisbreakfast
    29 July 2015 at 8:14

    Gorgeous luscious pictures.
    Please pass the ice cream cone!!

  • Roisin
    29 July 2015 at 9:58

    Wow, Château de Villandry looks delightful and your photographs are absolutely beautiful! I will definitely have to take a visit to Château de Villandry soon!

  • Solli Kanani
    03 August 2015 at 0:34

    @Roisin – thanks, I’m happy to hear :-) You should definately visit the château soon! I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I did.

  • Solli Kanani
    03 August 2015 at 0:34

    @Parisbreakfast – merci darling!! I was surprised you resisted the ice cream!!!

  • AnnaCossack
    07 August 2015 at 12:06

    So beautiful photos!

    That place is amazing, I’ve been there, too, few weeks ago and I was very impressed. You can hardly believe that garden is made by people, you think it’s rather elfs or other fairy tales creatures;)

  • Solli Kanani
    08 August 2015 at 0:19

    @AnnaCossack – Thanks Anna, it makes me happy to hear :-) Who knows what happens on nightime? Perhaps the fairy tale creates turns into life and make sure the garden looks pretty ;-) I just had a look on your blog and can’t wait to return to Val-de-Loire and visit some of the other castles…

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