Intangible Heritage of Corsica

The second part of the blogtrip was to learn more about the intangible heritage of Corsica. Jean-Michel took us to his village Peri, located in a mountainside, with an altitude of 450 metres, surrounded by a forest consisting of oaks, heather, arbutus (bruyères) and chestnut trees (châtaigniers)…I bet this is paradise for the bee’s and I can only imagine the honey they are producing!
One of the many Genoese bridges that you will see many of in Corsica A fairytale hamlet.... Wild garlic growing along the road...




We did some walking passing by a beautiful ancient “pont genoise” (Genoise bridge), passed through one of the hamlets that looked like it was taken from a fairytale (ancient stone houses in a serene setting and beautiful surrounding…what more can you ask for? ) and visited the church l’église Saint-Laurent (Sa Darenti) dating 1900 and also Chapelle de l’Annonciation (Capella di l’Annunziata) where Jean-Michel together with members of Cunfraternita di San Larenzu had arranged a private mini-concert in polyphony (polyphonie) for us. It was the first time I heard Corsican polyphony live. And I was happy to be able to enjoy this mini concert in an ancient chapel located in a small village in the mountains. The songs gave me goosebumps, strange, but ever since I’ve returned to Paris I listen to Corsican polyphonie songs on Youtube…and especially the hymn “Diu vi Salvi Regina“, created back in 1735. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]The themes in polyphony songs are often joy, love, pain and sorrow[/pullquote] I don’t know whether it’s because I love the Corsican language (Corsu) or the melancolic melody in the hymns or maybe the combination, at least it was spellbinding as I was totally captivated.To describe polyphony in short, it’s traditionally sung by three men combining three registers of voices : a secunda, u bassu, a terza. The themes in polyphony songs are often joy, love, pain and sorrow and you can hear the songs beeing sung in churches, funerals, bars, at the village square. Definately a must to hear if you are visiting Corsica !

Jean-Michel demonstrating and sharing Corsican religious traditions   Chapelle de l'Annonciation de Peri - one of the members showing us the traditional costume they wear when sining in the chapelJean-Michel and the other members of Cunfraternita di San Larenzu singing polyphony songs for us

After the polyphony concert we were invited to the aunt of Jean-Michel that had prepared a table with delicious desserts all made with the cheese brocciu: beignets au brocciu and falculelle, together with a lovely muscat wine from Cap Corse we enjoyed our second u spuntinu, in the garden of the 200 years old gite,  A Casa Vecchia. Couldn’t have had a better day, filled with so much delicious food, wine, encounters and insights in the Corsican traditions and culture.

brocciu-dessert-6Falculelle – yet another delicious dessert made with the Corsican fresh cheese, brocciu.
muscat-cap-corse-0Me demonstrating on how to NOT hold a wine glass
casa-angeli-muscatCasa Angeli Muscat du Cap Corse – tasted heavenly
muscat-corseA glass of muscat wine from Cap Corse and some fresh brocciu cheese topped with Corsican honey and decorated with a flower
brocciu-dessert-2Jean-Michel serving us with fresh brocciu topped with honey and decorated with flowers
muscat-cap-corseRaphaël Pierre-Bianchetti, served us the muscat wine..
uspuntinu-corse-5Beignets au brocciu and falculelle – two of my favourite Corsican sweet treats!!
peri-corse-4L’église de Saint-Laurent
peri-corse-2Breathtaking view

peri-corse-1 L’église de Saint-Laurent

Many thanks to :

Jules Celli and his brother inviting us to their vineyard, Petra di Meli and sharing their knowledge and history about the wineculture in Corsica

Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti, Maître Sommelier at Autourdu20, showing us how to taste wine

Jean-Michel Bisgambiglia for showing us the village Péri and letting us visiting the churches and best part of all, the polyphony Cunfraternita di San Larenzu

Ollandini for providing us the ride back and forth and between the vineyard and the village Péri

Ajaccio Tourisme Office and WeAreTravel for arranging this blogtrip!

We were seven bloggers in total who participated, visit their blogs for their version of the blogtrip: H in the World, Bons Plans Voyage d’Alex, Mike on the Road, Yummy Planet and Le Tour du Monde a 80 cm.

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  • Parisbreakfast
    27 May 2015 at 10:53

    Breathtaking pictures of Corsica!
    Love the music too. As long as you don’t hold e wine glass by e bulp(and warm the wine) you are OK.

  • suedoise
    29 May 2015 at 11:10

    Hej och tack för underbara bilder assuring the magic of Corsica in every respect – us less privileged visitors get breathtaking views on the common bus from Bastia to Calvi let alone the little train from Ajaccio. Polyphony nowadays is also sung by women by the way

  • Solli Kanani
    01 June 2015 at 0:23

    Suèdoise – Tack :-) Jag vill gärna resa tillbaka…och få upptäcka fler delar av den förtrollande vackra ön <3 Och du har rätt, polyphony sjungs idag även av kvinnor ;-)

  • Antoine
    20 June 2015 at 17:10

    Bonjour Sollli
    What a lovely blog you’re having. And the posts on Corsica are all beautiful which makes you proud to be Corsican but at the same time makes you realise you don’t know as much of your on Kalliste island as you would like to. Corsicans as opposed to Ligurians or Toscanians do not have as much wealth but they’re very good at sharing what they have in their heart i.e. the love of their island. You’re really talented Solli. Antoine

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