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Easter is coming up and it means all the chocolatiers in France are quite busy. I can only imagine how much chocolate the French eats during Easter :-) This is the period where I love passing by the vitrinas of the chocolatiers in Paris watching their too-beautiful-to-eat Easter egg creations. Easter egg hunts (chasses aux œufs) is very popular for the children, but around Easter, we are all counted as children, there is chocolate for everybody :-) I remember a beautiful Easter chocolate egg I recieved when I was working at Ladurée years ago which I saved for my sister as I know she loves chocolate. In Denmark, all employees at the company where I work, used to recieve chocolate Easter eggs made by Danish chocolatiers….

In France there are so many chocolatiers I can’t even the names of them all. Last weekend I passed by a few of my favourite ones and took some photos to share with you:

le-chocolat-alain-ducasse-saint-benoit Le Chocolat – Alain Ducasse
alain-ducasse-paquesLe Chocolat – Alain Ducasse
alain-ducasse-chocolatLe Chocolat – Alain Ducasse
alain-ducasse-chocolat-paquesLe Chocolat – Alain Ducasse
pierre-marcolini-paquesPierre Marcolini
pierre-marcolini-paques-1Pierre Marcolini
pierre-marcolini-paques-4Pierre Marcolini
pierre-marcolini-paques-5 Pierre Marcolini
jean-paul-hevin-paques-1Jean-Paul Hévin
jean-paul-hevin-paquesJean-Paul Hévin
jacques-genin-paques-3Jacques Genin
jacques-genin-paquesJacques Geninjacques-genin-paques-1Jacques Geninjacques-genin-paques-4Jacques Genin
gerard-mulot-paquesGérard Mulot
gerard-mulot-paques-1Gérard Mulot
gerard-mulot-paques-2Gérard Mulot
gerard-mulot-paques-3Gérard Mulot
arnaud-lahrer-paquesArnaud Lahrer
angry-birds-chocolateArnaud Lahrer
patrice-chapon-paquesPatrice Chapon
patrice-chapon-paques-1Patrice Chapon

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  • Parisbreakfast
    05 April 2015 at 20:14

    Wonderful to see! I shot many of the same ones. French chocolatiers are every bit as creative as the French couture IMHO.

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