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Waffles from Meert

As a souvenir from my daytrip to Lille I bought two waffles from Meert‘s boutique. One filled with their Madagascar vanilla and one with chestnut cream. They should be consumed within 10 days, but let me tell you this, if you have a sweet tooth like me, you don’t even need to count one day. Back in Paris I couldn’t resist the waffles and made myself a cup of tea, eager to enjoy them. The Madagascar vanilla is their classic flavour, but was way too sweet and had too much filling for my taste, while the one with chestnut cream was just perfect. These waffles are pretty soft, but I preferred to warm them up by keeping them slightly on top of my hot tea so that the filling started to melt a bit…..

This year their waffles comes in five different flavours: chestnut, lemon and citrus, speculoos, pistachio & morello cherry and Madagascar vanilla. Next time I go there I will try their speculoos and buy at least a box with 6 thin waffles filled with chestnutcream :-) A great reason for making a second day-trip to Lille, after all its more fun to visit the city where these waffles origins from.

meert-gaufres-03A cup of tea and waffles from Meert
meert-gaufres-02A true delight, a must-bring-home-souvenir from Lille
meert-wafflesVanilla and chestnut filled waffles from Meert
meert-waffle-vanillaHere guys, a close up on the waffle with vanilla filling…to heavy and sugary for me, but apparantly the best selling waffle at Meertmeert-waffle-3A few seconds above a cup of hot tea makes the filling melt…

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