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La Gourmandise

arnaud-lahrerLa Gourmandise is THE pastry you just have to try if ever going to Arnaud Lahrer !!! You all know how much I’m into meringue pastries, always having the Himalayan Emperors at Miss Ko. Well..I’m telling you, la Gourmandise is the Rolls Royce version! In the photo above you’ll find la Gourmandise between Baba au Rhum and the St Honoré.

The base is French meringue with whipped cream with vanilla, a heart filled with raspberry marmelade..topped with lime zest and fresh raspberries. Very light dessert with flavours that goes so well with each other…like a dream….I’m living dangerously too close to Arnaud Lahrer’s boutique in St Germain. We had it in a take-away box and asked for two plastic spoons and headed out to in the sun exploring the Gourmandise. An experience that has too be repeated…

Next day, me and Parisbreakfast returned, are you even surprised? This time we left with a Citrus Cheesecake and L’Ivoire. L’Ivoire was more my cup of tea, with its light cream and passion fruit and mango filling on a coconut biscuit..tropical flavours <3

Arnaud Lahrer – 93 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris
arnaud-lahrer-2Pretty pastries…
arnaud-lahrer-3in different colours and shapes
arnaud-lahrer-4pastries at Arnaud Lahrer
arnaud-lahrer-01that millefeuille looks dangerously delicious….
arnaud-lahrer-02Kougn amann! Did you know Arnaud Lahrer is from Britanny where kougn amann is a speciality? These ones looks very good…
arnaud-lahrer-13The citrus cheesecake
arnaud-lahrer-06Take away box from Arnaud Lahrer
arnaud-lahrer-08with two pastries I’m sharing with Parisbreakfast
arnaud-lahrer-09Sharing is caring <3
arnaud-lahrer-12L’Ivoire and the citrus cheesecake
arnaud-lahrer-st-germainArnaud Lahrer’s chic boutique in Saint Germain, Paris

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