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Le Palais du Chocolat

Le Palais Du Chocolat
Le Palais du Chocolat at Château de Vaux le Vicomte

Yesterday me and Carol took a very early train at Gare de Lyon in Paris heading to the village Melun. It’s not every weekend I wake up at 7 in the morning..but when I know that the most renowned chocolate makers are exposing their creations, offers testings and organizing workshops in a palace I had never visited before, Le Château de Vaux le Vicomte, then it’s an easy game ! When arriving in Melun we took a bus to the château and after 20 minutes we arrived to this amazing place…. I will show you more photos on in a later blogpost.

Carol already knew all the chocolate makers, she’s been in this game quite a long time ;-) Fréderic Cassel‘s stand was our first stop, Carol had already made an order in advance, 3 jars of jams were already waiting for her at our arrival…he acctually grow is own berries in Fontainebleau and Nemours, amazing! I got to taste his delicious pâte à tartiner and I totally fell in love with his orange boxes. Wanted to buy Christmas gifts but I know myself, it’s too early and it would have ended up that I would have eat everything myself….not good.

Next stop was Mazet famous for their roasted and caramelized almonds, got to try with different flavours coming in adorable cute packagings. I met Jean-Charles Rochoux with his mother, she let me taste their pâte á tartiner with caramel fleur de sel and also fraise de bois, delicious! I would have finished those jars in a day if I would have brought them home…

Sadaharu Aoki was also their with his team and they were making their famous Tokyo macaron, a chocolate macaron enrobed with matcha waffle. Tasted their chocolate tablette mâcha sésame…exquisite!!

Le Palais du Chocolat is held until November 11th so you’ve got still time to go there and endulge yourself in delicious chocolate and perhaps also do some Christmas shopping ;-)

Le Palais du Chocolat at Château de Vaux le Vicomte – 77950 Maincy, France

Le Palais Du ChocolatSalvador Dali by Fréderic Cassel
Le Palais Du ChocolatFréderic Cassel’s exquisite macarons and beautiful chocolate boxes
Le Palais Du ChocolatMoelleux au chocolat, have to try Fréderic Cassel’s version…
Le Palais Du ChocolatJ-C Rochoux’s mother let me try their exquisite pâte à tartiner :-)
Le Palais Du ChocolatJean-Charles Rochoux
Le Palais Du ChocolatThe chocolate macarons waiting to be enrobed with mâcha waffle
Le Palais Du ChocolatIn the making of the Tokyo macaron
Le Palais Du ChocolatThe famous Tokyo macaron
Le Palais Du ChocolatChâteau de Vaux le Vicomte
Le Palais Du ChocolatRoasted and caramelized almonds by Mazet
Le Palais Du ChocolatDresses in chocolate and Arnaud Larher’s macarons to the right
Le Palais Du ChocolatDes Lis Chocolat


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