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Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)

Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)

Together with Carol I went to the opening soirée of Jean-Paul Hévin‘s Chocolate Bar(re) in the end of last week. Located on in the heart of Marais, just next doors to the mythic Marché des Enfants Rouge you’ll find his very chic designed, by Jean Oddes and Imma Polito, bar of 25 sqm. Here you can enjoy a cup of Jean-Paul Hévin‘s famous hot chocolate, endulge yourself with his exquisite chocolates, macarons…this is chocolate heaven !

On this evening we were spoiled with different types of chocolate and their latest macaron, Pablino. Crunchy biscuit with almonds and dark chocolate filled with an extraordinary smooth ganache with pure coca from Peru with a touch of fruity and spicy notes…it was so divine I couldn’t hold myself after only one.

The highlight of this evening was not only to meet the chocolate master himself, Jean-Paul Hévin, but also to try his famous hot chocolate that I’ve heard so much about. They were preparing it right in front of us and we were proposed a cup each to have with our macarons :-)  The hot chocolate was poured into stylish rippled black paper cups…and was simply delicate ! Not sugary or heavy, very pure in its taste..and I promise, no sugarcoma effect afterwards. Hot chocolate at its best, pure and tasty.

Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re) – 41 rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris

Photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s

Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)Jean-Paul Hévin himself, high-end chocolatier with several chocolate boutiques in Paris and worldwide
Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)Chocolate Bar(re)
Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)Champagne was served to enjoy with the chocolate and macarons
Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)Pastries were hiding behind the displays…Carol told me the one with framboise (raspberry) also under the name Chocolat Framboise, was a classic one…still beeing in their menu means I better try it, after all, chocolate and raspberries are always a great combo.
Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)Jean-Paul Hévins hot chocolate was beeing prepared right in front of us….
Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)Me and Carol had a cup..together with their chocolate macarons…
Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)Jean-Paul Hévin, a man not only with a sense for chocolate but also humor !
Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)Bûches Noël…
Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bar(re)I would like to try their Omelette Norwegien…

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