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Fauchon Bûche Noël

Fauchon Noël Eclat
Fauchon Bûche Noël 2014

On Wednesday evening me and Carol had been invited by Fauchon to their presentation of the Bûche Noël that was held in the Bubble in the courtyard of the 5-star L’Hôtel de Du Collectionneur. First of all, how cool isn’t to be inside a bubble when it’s winter ? Funny to be “outside” yet inside a warm and cozy bubble, while trying the exquisite pastries and desserts from Fauchon. Looked like pieces of art, too pretty to be eaten….

Fauchon‘s Chef Pâtissier, Patrick Pailler, was also their, proudly presenting his masterpiece, the Bûche Noël 2014 (Yuletide log)…in fancy colours. Flavours ? Tahitian vanilla, passion fruit, mango and caramel-flavoured milk chocolate…perfect combination and a sparkling taste sensation :-) When I had an assiette with a portion of the Bûche Noël they informed me to begin with the white sphere, containing a crispy biscuit with 70% dark chocolate and a light milk and caramel mousse, a Tahitian vanilla-flavoured cream and a passion fruit compote….dreamy! The second sphere to eat was the redcoloured white chocolate filled with mango and passion fruit coulis…yummie! The third bubble, that I got with a stick in it, to have with my coffee was powdered with shimmering gold and filled with passion fruit caramel, delicious!

Fauchon – 26 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris

Fauchon Noël EclatFauchon’s Bûche Noël 2014 from profile

Fauchon Noël EclatAdorable Christmas hats /chapeaux de Noël

Fauchon Noël EclatThe Yuletide log looked like ball shaped candles

Fauchon Noël EclatFauchon’s Bûche Noël in a beautiful setting, inside the Collectionneur’s Bubble (la Bulle du Collectionneur)

Fauchon Noël EclatCarol in action with her IPad

Fauchon Noël EclatA kind pâtissier is preparing an assiette for me with a sample of the exquisite desserts…

Fauchon Noël EclatI was in heaven…

Fauchon Noël Eclat And here, one portion of the Bûche Noë and passion fruit coulis pouring out from the white chocolate sphere powdered in pink.

Fauchon Noël EclatYou could eat every part of it, even the “candlewick” which was crystalized sugar attached on whitechocolate…

Fauchon ChampagneFauchon’s champagne with their signature pink and black motif

Fauchon Noël Eclatéclairs made by Fauchon for Hôtel du Collectionneur

Fauchon Noël EclatMy nails (painted with Chanels Rose Exuberant) matched the lampshades that were covered with pink rosepetals

Fauchon Noël EclatThe chef pâtissier, Patrick Pailler, proudly describing his Christmas desserts

Hôtel du CollectionneurThe Bubble, where you also can have lunch and Afternoon Tea! Would love to return as I’ve heard they serve homebaked scones served with clotted cream (crème double), champagne from Moët & Hennessy and sweet treats from Fauchon !

Hôtel du CollectionneurAt the sortie of the hotel…

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  • Parisbreakfasts
    30 November 2014 at 10:53

    It’s like being there all over again.
    Beautiful pics…very dreamy.

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