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Angelina’s Millefeuille

Angelina MillefeuilleMillefeuille from Angelina

Sometimes when I long for the traditional French pastry Millefeuille, I usually go to Angelina in Paris, as they have one of my favourite ones. Believe me, I’ve tried and tasted millefeuille’s from various pastry shops, yet not many of them have the texture or taste as the delightful light Bourbon vanilla cream that fills the layers of Angelina’s caramelized puff pastry. What’s in between is important, believe me…I’ve had very dissapointing experiences. The layers of Angelina’s millefeulle are perfectly thick and got a tasty caramel crust..while the vanilla cream filling is light and simply heavenly.

As I live nearby Angelina‘s shop at Rue du Bac and pass by their vitrina quite often it’s very hard not enter the shop and leave with a sweet treat. Now I believe I’ve had my dose of millefeuille and what’s next would be their Mont-Blanc praliné that is only for sale during a limited period. Have any of you guys tried it yet?

I bought my millefeuille at Angelina’s boutique at Rue du Bac, see address below. However, if you are up to endulge this pretty creation in a beautiful environment then Angelina Salon de Thé is located at 226 Rue Rivoli in Paris.

Angelina108 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris

Photos taken with my Nikon D5100 35mm f1.8

Angelina MillefeuilleMillefeuille from Angelina….who can resists ?
Angelina MillefeuilleNot me…
Angelina MillefeuilleLook at those crispy thick caramelized layers….
Angelina MillefeuilleMillefeuille, a delicious treat from Angelina that never dissapoints me ;-)

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