Studios and apartments in Paris that I avoid

Studios and apartments in Paris that I avoid are the ones with:

  • chauffage électrique (electric radiators)
  • hot water heater

Here you can read why I don’t like them and why I never would move into a place where you can find them. It’s not that I use alot of hot water, but the fact of not knowing how much hot water that is left (no, I don’t like COLD surprises in the shower) then it would be the same as living on a camping. When living and working in Paris, where I need to take a shower pretty often means I don’t want to spend my time calculating each time I’m brushing my teeth, washing the dishes etc and I would rather pay some extra for the comfort of having a centralized hot water system providing unlimited hot water rather than spending my time in fear of there would be no hot water left for a shower in the evening. Apparantly what I’m looking for is rare in Paris so thumbs up for all the people who manages to live with a hot water heater. Perhaps it’s easier to deal with if you grow up with it.

Sometimes it’s not written in the ad what type of heating there is or if there is a hot water heater. But if you’re lucky they have posted some images where you’ll see what kind of heating there is. Sometimes the ads are describing the perfect apartment and then my heart breaks into pieces when I see the “details” they’ve not mentioned, see photo above, a bedroom with an electric radiator…when that happens I have no other choice than click on the Back-button and continue my search…


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  • parisbreakfast
    04 June 2014 at 9:21

    so much is required and then Always you find out too late the things they don’t tell you like school kids will be yelling all day or hole in roof or work in courtyard…endless and always at a disadvantage in this search :(

  • Solli Kanani
    06 June 2014 at 23:42

    Parisbreakfast – I have a feeling though that my dream home will appear very soon ;-)

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