Picnic in Versailles

Grand Canal, Château de VersaillesLast Sunday me and my friend went for a picnic in the Gardens of Versailles. The weather was wonderful, clearblue sky and lots of sun, could not have chosen a better day to escape the stress and all the tourists in Paris for a whole day .

Luckily the trip to Versailles does not take more than 20 minutes from Paris (depending on from where you take the train) and on weekend the journey is free for those who got a Navigo Pass ;-)
The day before I had been at the organic market (where I get ruined every weekend) and bought delicious French and Italian cheese, salt biscuits, veggies fruits etc We sat next to the Grand Canal were we enjoyed the delicacies and finished with a tartelette aux fraises.  Afterwards we were ready for a pleasant boat ride on the Grand Canal and ended up having loads of fun for 1 1/2 hours rowing around while exploring the beautiful canal (that was built by Louis XIV and is the biggest artificial lake that has been created just for the pleasure of one person). As you can see on my photo above the view over the Château de Versaille is just spectacular from the Grand Canal ;-)

Rowing is so relaxing (even though its hardwork for your upper body) and amusing, we had quite a lot of fun…and I guess people around the river were amused by watching us, especially when my friends hat blew off into the water and we had to catch it. A well-deserved Italian gelato after the boat tour gave us some extra energy to walk all the way to the Domaine de Marie-Antoinette, a village consisting of 12 rustic and very charming houses with thatched roofs. It was my first time visiting this area and I totally fell in love. Unfortunately my camera went out of batteries so these are the only photos I’ve got..hopefully I will be going there soon again and bring you on a tour! Until then, a few photos on me, totally infatuated by the village and the houses I would be ready to move into….

Grand Canal, Château de VersaillesMe on our rowing boat, having a break while improving my tan

Grand Canal, Château de VersaillesPicnic by the Grand Canal in Versailles
Grand Canal, Château de VersaillesRowing – the best way of having an upper body exercise while improving the tan. For those of you who wonders, my nailpolish is from Chanel, name of colour: Pirate ;-)
Grand Canal, Château de VersaillesThe Grand Canal in Versailles
Grand Canal, Château de VersaillesWell deserved Italian gelato!
domaine-marie-antoinette-4Wandering around in the Domaine de Marie-Antoinette
domaine-de-marie-antoinette-3Queens Hamlet , Marie-Antoinettes was a lucky Queen! My dream home….
domaine-marie-antoinette-1When can I move in?
domaine-de-marie-antoinette-1Domaine de Marie-Antoinette
domaine-marie-antoinetteInhaling the wonderful scent of the roses..
Domaine de Marie AntoinetteDomaine de Marie-Antoinette
Domaine de Marie AntoinetteGetting my dose of the perfume of roses
domaine-de-marie-antoinetteDomaine de Marie-Antoinette
Domaine de Marie AntoinetteDomaine de Marie-Anoinette
Domaine de Marie AntoinetteThese cool goats are chilling in the shadow..

All photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s (photos on me taken by my friend Vanessa)

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  • parisbreakfast
    27 June 2014 at 19:43

    Looks like wonderful fun.
    I’ve never ventured that far either…Looks like a must-do!

  • De
    02 July 2014 at 16:54

    Du är jättefin! :) Kan du skriva ett inlägg om vad du använder för smink dagligen? Och vad du tycker om de franska männen?

  • Amanda
    26 November 2015 at 16:29


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