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Baia di Ieranto

baia-di-ieranto-006 Baia di Ieranto, one of the most amazing and beautiful bay I discovered last time I was in Italy, was a place I wanted to take my sister and her boyfriend to.
massa-lubrense-041Next morning, after our arrival, Dorina had prepared the most delicious breakfast for us. Fresh pressed orange juice with oranges from the area,
massa-lubrense-040her homemade yoghurt, bread, homemade marmelades, tea, Italian espresso coffee….could one ask for more? We were in heaven!
terminiSince it was a holiday and there were no buses going to Nerano (closest point to hike to Baia di Ieranto), sweetest Dorina offered us a ride to Termini. From Termini we had this breathtaking view over the island Capri
termini-001The path leading us to Nerano from Termini
termini-003Steep cliffs covered with bright green trees
neranoColorful flowers alongside the path
nerano-003Clearblue sky, steep chalky white limestone cliffs covered with green oaks and pines…
nerano-002Watching these beatiful surroundings made the walk in the heat much easier…
marina-del-cantone-02View to over the village Nerano and Marina del Cantone
baia-di-ieranto-0031The path leading to paradise…
baia-di-ieranto-001Passed by this olive grove on our way to Baia di Ieranto
baia-di-ieranto-003Path leading to Baia di Ieranto
baia-di-ieranto-004The island Capri hiding behind the mountain
baia-di-ieranto-0001 Picnic area
aranceto-storicowhere farmers were selling fresh fruits and vegetables
aranceta-storico-1such as giant lemons
aranceta-storico-2and fennel
aranceta-storico-5oranges – that we bought and enjoyed when we arrived to the baybaia-di-ieranto-005The Baia di Ieranto with its crystal clear water
baia-di-ieranto-007Baia di Ieranto
baia-di-ieranto-008 Baia di Ieranto
baia-di-ieranto-009 Baia di Ieranto
baia-di-ieranto-00002Baia di ieranto

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  • sillygirl
    09 June 2014 at 17:00

    Are those lemons or are they cedra? We had cedra in Sicily – take a thin layer of skin off (can be candied) and cut the rest including what you think is thick pith into slices (remove any seeds), season with olive oil, a little balsamic, salt and pepper and chill for a summer salad – delicious!!!

  • Solli Kanani
    10 June 2014 at 0:23

    Sillygirl – These were lemons, but I did saw cédrat on markets…have to try your summer salad recipe next time I’m in Italy :-)

  • sillygirl
    10 June 2014 at 2:39

    It was our tour guide – a Sicilian – that fixed it for us when two tour members brought it back from the market. I wish I could get them here in the Seattle area – think I saw them once a long time ago. Nothing like fixing a recipe at home from a trip to bring back memories. I make socca now regularly – a must when we open a bottle of rose wine.

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