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Rock’n’roll meets greens at Merci Merci

Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci Merci
The concept store Merci Merci in the Marais is definately worth a visit when you’re in Paris, I go there every now and then and when I had a friend visiting not long ago we went there for lunch. I brought my best friend there last summer and she loved it. Their food is so fresh and healthy I wish my office would have been located next by so I could go there everyday for lunch….

The rock planter, David Jeannerot, had with his Les Mauvaise Graines (the bad seeds) taken over Merci Merci and made it to a lush and green countrysie oasis. Chickens, goats and other animals had their little corner in the courtyard, the red card usually parked in front of the entrance had been replaced with a yellow truck surrounded by plants.

It was fun discovering how Les Mauvaise Graines had transformed Merci Merci and if I had a garden I would definately have brought a few of the plants and seeds back home. Now I got to enjoy all on place which also was nice and it was fun to read all the hard rock names the different plants and flowers had been named by Les Mauvaise Graines.

For lunch I had my favourite plate with three different salads, very fresh and delicious (I wish I could have the recipes, anyone?) and had a very green and healthy fresh pressed kale juice that had been pimped up with pineapple if I’m not wrong.

Please note that Les Mauvaise Graines was only a temporary theme at Merci Merci that finished in the end of April (sorry for posting this blog post too late)but they have their own concept store that you can read more about here.

Merci Merci – 111 boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris

Les Mauvaise Graines – 25 rue Custine, 75018 Paris

Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci MerciAdorable animals in the courtyard
Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci MerciLes Mauvaise Graines invasion of Merci Merci
Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci MerciAt Merci Merci I would probably find most of the furnitures for my home
Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci MerciRock’n’roll seeds
Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci MerciDeep Purple goes green!
Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci Merci Rock’n’Roll seeds
Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci Merci Beautiful tiles decorating the cashier desk at Merci Merci in Paris
Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci Merci My favourite plate at La Cantine, three different healthy salads
Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci MerciGreenyliscious kale juice!
Les Mauvaises Graines - Merci Merci Tempting strawberry crumble pie….

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