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Two days in Positano

Positano, Italy
Still got photos and memories to share from my holiday in Italy last summer…so before I totally will forget about it here you go ;-)

I ended my trip on the Amalfi coast in Italy last year with two days in the pitoresque resort village, Positano. Positano has been on my places-to-visit list for years so I thought it would be a perfect way to round up my trip in Amalfi by staying there for two nights. The seaside village is very popular among newly married couples for spending their honeymoon and couples getting married there (saw several soon-to-be brides with stunning weddingdresses). Luckily I went there and got my own experience and frankly I must say that if I ever will be going on a honeymoon, Positano wouldn’t be the destination. Reason? Too touristy. Guess that’s the downside when a place gets very popular. Greta Garbo and Humphrey Bogart, a few of the celebrities that have been in Positano must have enjoyed the intimate atmosphere there before the resort became widely famous.

Positano, Italy

The best way of absorbing the beauty of this village was by distance, so I made a great choice by renting a room on a Bed & Breakfast nestled in a beautiful area protected by UNESCO on the hillside with the most amazing view of Positano. The best moments I had in Positano was in the very early mornings, laying in my bed, with an open door to my balcony I had a breathtaking panorama view both of the sky and the harbour of Positano. But that was not all, I woke up by the fullmoon at dawn…and never in my entire life I’ve been seeing the moon so close…it was giant…and the colorful shifting sky when the sun was rising simply spectacular. I was so amazed and enjoyed every second that I even didn’t bother looking for my camera. But below you will find some photos from some of the magical sunsets.

Positano, Italy

The place I was staying at was runned by an Italian family, that hosted all guests with warmth and kindness. On the first evening I spent there they had organized a dinner prepared by the father, 5-courses utterly delicious Italian dinner with most part of ingredients from their own orchard that was surrounding the villa. It gave me an authentic experience of the Italian food from this region which I love to explore when I’m travelling. They also offered homemade limoncello that we had after the dinner, which is a must to try when you’re on the Amalfi Coast that is famous for their delicious juicy lemons! The breakfast was served on the terrace, with a spectacular view over the village of Positano, a generous buffet with homemade cakes, fresh juices, bread and organic fruits from their gardens.

Spellbinding village indeed, Positano with it’s pastel colored houses built on terraces stacked upon another, is definately a pearl on the Amalfi coast, and if you are travelling along the Amalfi Coast one day in Positano is a must. When in comes to accommodation I would recommend to find a place on the hills with a view on Positano ;-)

Photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s (July 2013)

Positano, Italy
Colorful beach umbrellas at Spiaggia Grande – Positano
Positano, Italy
At Spiaggia Grande in the evening
Positano, Italy
At Spiaggia Grande in the evening
Positano, Italy
Breathtaking sunset view from my balcony
Positano, Italy1400 steps to get to Positano, read free workout ;-)

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  • HM
    05 April 2014 at 19:49

    Hi Solli! A bit curious, as we’re heading down to Amalfi coast this summer. Could u recommend the b&b you stayed at? Name? Any other hotels? Thanks :)

  • Solli Kanani
    21 April 2014 at 14:47

    Hi HM, I just sent you an e-mail with the B&B’s I stayed at. Have a nice trip!

  • Hannah
    07 May 2015 at 7:21

    Hi Solli, beautiful post! I am also heading to Amalfi coast in July, and am wondering if you could share the name of the place where you stayed? It looks incredible.

    Thanks so much,

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