Falling Flat

Rue du BacFriday evening, I was happy I left the office heading to Henri Cartier-Bresson‘s exhibition at Centre Pompidou. Unfortunately my joy didn’t last long, I had just been walking down the stairs to the metro at Madeleine when I was tripped by a man and flew in the air and landed on my chin (AOUCH!!), my knees hit the ground badly and also my hip bones…..I screamed out of pain and for a short while everything was BLACK but then I heard noises and people asking me if I was ok and tried helping me up. The man that had made me fall just said “oh, I didn’t see you” and rushed away…while I was left there, still in shock, shiverring and trying to see if I was ok..nothing broken (thank God) but my hands where burning and I could hardly walk.

I wanted to cry because of all the pain in my body, normal reaction after falling flat on a concrete floor in that speed…and I wanted to call my mom in Sweden, but put a hold on myself. Living abroad is already not easy for my parents and if they would have known what had happened to me they would have been very worried. So contacting my mom was not an option. Then, I wanted to go to a doctor…or hospital just to check if everything really was ok with me? But I have no doctor here in Paris and besides I haven’t recieved my Carte Vitale yet. And going to the emergency at the hospital answering the millions of questions on why I don’t have this and that paper (when will I recieve my Carte Vitale?!?!?!?!?) before they even would take me in for an examination wasn’t that tempting. (When I moved to Copenhagen and recieved my health card I was registered at a doctors cabinet in my area immediately and I also knew where to go if something urgent would happen. Here it seems I need to find a doctor myself). In the end I told myself that since I was not dying, my bed at home was the best option.

Now, two days later, I feel better, got lot’s of bruises, but that’s normal…have pain in my lower back (guess it’s because of when I fell on my hip bones) and my knees are still hurting and I have difficulties walking up and down the stairs, by time I will recover…

Hope your Valentine’s Day was much better than mine ;-)

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  • Naomi
    18 August 2014 at 23:01

    You poor thing! I’ve just discovered your blog (through paris breakfast) and am happily reading all your posts. Sorry to read this one though. Falling over is always distressing, and especially unpleasant in a strange city. Hope you are better now.

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