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Where Is My Baggage Air France ?

air franceFlew with Air France from Paris to Copenhagen on Friday and my baggage was lost. I reported the loss immediately at the Copenhagen Airport and it turned out my baggage had not been scanned in Paris and was not in the system and could not be tracked. There was nothing they could do, they issued a document saying I had reported the loss and gave me a phone nr I could call later the same day to check if they have found my baggage? I called their nr for baggage incidents when I arrived in Sweden and the same answer, they couldn’t track my bag and all I had to do was to wait. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE BAGGAGE TAG if they don’t even scan it at the airport?

I’ve travelled to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with my family and all my Chistmas gifts (including the French delicacies I bought at La Grande Epicerie a couple of days ago) are in my baggage. I TRUSTED Air France to put my baggage on the plane and they have clearly FAILED and they don’t even know where my baggage is?!?!?!?

What is the purpose of offering a service they cannot manage correctly?

Nothing can destroy a Christmas with my family, not even the loss of my bag, I’m happy to be in Sweden and to spend time with my family. But I must admit I’ve lost my respect and trust in Air France, and I will never fly with them again.

131229 UPDATE : Air France finally found my baggage, it was still left in Paris (!!). They sent it to Copenhagen and I had it delivered to me in Sweden just a couple of days before my return to Paris. Happy I got my baggage back, but still I have no explanation on why they never sent my baggage with the plane I was flying with?

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