We can fix this

malapascua sunsetWe can fix this. We can stop this madness” – the words of the Philippines delegate “Yeb” Sano at the UN climate summit yesterday in Warsaw – referring to the Typhoon Haiyan that has taken over thousands of peoples lives and more than half a million are now homeless. What was interesting in Yes Sano’s speech was that he put the blame of this super typhoon on the global warming. And I completely agree with him. The more usage of fossil fuels leads to more CO2, the more CO leads to warmer oceans, and one of the consequences of warmers oceans is stronger typhoons. In other words our addiction to fossil fuel is behind the global warming and will kill our planet if we won’t change our lifestyles, radical changes within certain industries etc

What can you and me do? I’ve just made a donation to the Red Cross, which hopefully be for some help. But apart from that I also try to remain to my lifestyle and always have in mind to reduce my fossil fuel usage.

The photo above was taken when I was on the paradise island Malapascua in the Philippines two years ago. Have many beautiful memories from that island and one of them are the smiling locals I met. Totally warmed my heart to meet so kind and welcoming people. And as you can see in the photo the sunsets were breathtaking, the photo has not been edited at all, pure natural sunset. I’m thinking about the people struggeling in the aftermath of the typhoon and I hope we will see less of these human caused catastrophes in the future.

Photo taken with my Nikon D5100, lens 35mm f 1.8

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