Visiting CPAM – Applying for a Health Card in France – part 2

cpam-parisWondering what happened with my application for having a health card here in France? Well, when I went to the CPAM office in my arrondissement on Sept 20th they told me I need to visit their international office and that I had to make an appointment upon my visit and they also gave me a list with the documents I needed to bring.

  • my birth certificate translated into French or English by a authorized translator
  • my latest electricity bill
  • a copy of my passport or identity card
  • my RIB

I contacted the Swedish Tax Agency and within two days I had recieved my birth certificate translated into English and with the Swedish Tax Agency’s stamp and signature (thumbs up for beeing FAST!). When I had all the documents needed I called the CPAM to make an appointment at their international office. So far so good. When I handed over my documents to the administrator she had a look on my birth certificate and told me she wanted the Swedish Embassy to re-write the same information on another paper and sign it. Erhhh??!?!? What?? And why?? She couldn’t answer me and just told me she wanted the Swedish Embassy to re-write it. I was furious, why did they not tell me that before? That I needed the Swesh Embassy to re-write the information on another paper and sign it? It’s not like that I’m free 24h/7 and have all the time in the world to go to CPAM’s office. And I never understood what the difference would be if the Swedish Embassy should re-write the same information? The language (English) was fine..but the rest was just non-sense from their part. Anyway, it’s pretty clear what the French citizen’s tax money is wasted on, non-sense administration. By next year my tax money will support this shit too.

I asked if it was fine if I could send her the birth certificate by post? NO! I needed to call and make a new appointment. Great, NOT!


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  • Lisa
    22 October 2013 at 20:32

    Breathe in, breathe out… It’s hopeless!! Drives me nut to see how inefficient they are!

  • Solli Kanani
    28 October 2013 at 0:00

    Lisa – I know! Consider yourself lucky that it works so smooth in Sweden ;-)

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