rodgrodThere are many things I will miss from Denmark and foodwise I can make a long list. I’m fully aware I’m going to the country of fine ways of dining and exquisite food, but after been living in Copenhagen I must say that Denmark is a great competitor. Copenhagen is the gastro capital of Scandinavia and in the 2013 edition of the Michelin Guide Rouge Copenhagen’s restaurants was awarded with a total of 15 stars.
So what will yours truly miss? First of all I will miss the dark typical Danish ryebread. I’m having it as breakfast every morning at work where it’s freshly baked = luxury! I’ve googled to see if I can find a bakery in Paris where they bake this dark rye bread but with no result. Maybe it’s about time to bake it myself?
In the summer I’ve a fix for the refreshing koldskål, my favorite one is the one sold at Irma, with vanilla. I’m also a big fan of rødgrød med fløde (see photo above) even though I cannot pronounce it. At the New Years Eve it’s a tradition to eat kransekage, a classic Danish pastry made with almond paste. I love almond so it’s definately among my favourites. I also like drømmekage, a genoise sponge cake beneath a layer of coconut caramel – simply addictive. Flødebolle, a merengue filled bun covered with a thin layer of chocolate…can never have enough of it, its one of my childhood favorites. Christianshavnerkage is a class for itself, try it at Lagkagehuset and you will know what I’m talking about.
What else? Well, æbleskiver that is enjoyed around Christmas time with strawberry jam and powdered sugar. And the risalamande, a traditional Danish rice dessert based on rice, cream, vanilla, almonds and served with cherry sauce….
I’m must say I’m happy I’ve gotten to experience all these delicacies of Denmark in just one year. Since I love baking I might bake some of these delicious Danish pastries in Paris and introduce my new collegues at work with what Denmark has to offer sweet wise….

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This Paris blog is created and maintained by Solli, a Swedish Expat living in Paris working as a Photographer. When she is not behind the lens or setting off to a new destination she loves to be in the kitchen and play around with whole, organic and seasonal food. In this blog she shares some glimpses of her everyday life as a bonne vivante wherever in the world she might be. Enjoy following her journey through life...

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