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Getting in shape at Energii


Every Saturday morning my friends have seen me checking in at Energii through Facebook and many of them have been wondering what all those status messages such as “Kick Ass <3 “ meant?

Well, Energii is a reformer studio here in Copenhagen offering classes such as Power Reformer and KickAss Reformer. As you can see on the photos the training is done on a reformer, the main machine in Pilates equipment. The exercises made on this reformer with moveable carriage strengthens the muscels without hurting the joints.

A collegue of mine introduced me to the ultimate workout at Energii studio in Copenhagen in the beginning of this year and I went to my first Power Reformer class in February. Before that I hadn’t been training seriously since I had left to Paris in 2009. In Stockholm I was very active, had a year membership card at a Bikram Yoga studio and went to 5 classes/week, had a membership card at Balance studio where I used to attend the Kettlebells classes and I also had a membership card at Sats where I used to attend the pilates, spinning classes + used to workout by my own with guidance from my personal trainer. After two years in Paris without any kind of exercising I was out of shape and not in good condition when I attended the first Power Reformer class. When I woke up in the morning the day after I was in pain in my entire body and each movement almost made me cry, this might sound strange but I loved it! That’s when I realized I was hooked. Ever since I’ve been going to Energii once up to twice a week. Sometimes I’ve even attended their classes at 06:30 in the morning, I’m not a morning person which obviously says how much I love this exercising by waking up that early.

I’ve never been in a better shape than I’m now and I feel great. The pilates reformer training tones and builds long, lean muscles without bulks, creates a stronger and flexible spine, reduces stress and boosts the body with tons of energy. My goals with training is to feel good, remain my weight (and hopefully even increase it if possible) and simply get a toned and firm body. All of this the Reformer workout has given me and I’m totally addicted.

Another plus with the Energii studio is that there are lots of different teachers, all of them have their own specialities when it comes to the different exercises, and they never run the same exercises in a row which I find great. On gyms when you go to different classes they have the same exercises for 6 months before changing it which I find very boring and the body get used to it quickly and I believe it needs variation.

Some practical information, you cannot buy a membership card at the studio, only vouchers. I buy vouchers with 10 passes and it costs 1300:- DKK, and now I’m on my third. It’s definately more expensive than a membership on a gym but I believe I get much more out of my training by attending the classes at Energii and as long as I feel great and see results, that’s good enough for me.

If you are curious to see how a class can look like here is a sneaky peak on Youtube.

Energii acctually has three studios in Copenhagen and also in cities such as Miami and one on Ibiza…I wish they would open one in Paris in a very soon future too :-)

energii-reformer-1The photos are borrowed from Energii with permission.

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