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Pozzetto gelateria in Paris

Pozzetto gelato in ParisPozzetto gelateria in Paris – I finally made it to the place where I’ve heard they make one of the best gelatos in Paris. By now you know I’m a true fan of Grom‘s gelato so I thought I must try Pozzetto‘s gelato to see if it was better?
I had three different flavours, pistacchio, gianduja de Pozzetto (chocolate hazelnut) and nocciola (hazelnut) topped with their homemade whipped cream. The pistacchio couldn’t measure itself with Grom‘s pistacchio, I prefer when there are some small pieces of the pistacchios in the gelato. The taste was fine, but not as intense as the one at Grom. The guanduja is their specality and I understood why, it was heavenly just as the nocciela that became my favourite. The texture was perfect, smooth and velvety …slightly too sweet though. The gelato was served in a stainless steel gelato cup and since yours truly loves to take her time while endulging herself with the gelato this was perfect since it prevents it from melting fast. The homemade whipped cream was a dissapointment, way too sweet. Unfortunately you have to order from a special menu if you want to have a seat inside and it’s only possible to order their large cup as you can see on the photos I took. It was too much for me, but I wanted to sit down while enjoying my gelato, so I paid 8 € for the gelato + supplement for the whipped cream. Water is included but it is too at Grom if you ask for it. Overall I find their gelato to be good but not as good as the one I have at Grom.

Oh, if you wonder where the name Pozzetto comes from, it is from the word Pozzetti that refers to the covered refrigerated wells their gelato are made in and served from.

Pozzetto – 39 rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris
Pozzetto gelato in ParisHaving gelato at Pozzetto, from left: gianduja de Pozzetto, nocciola and pistacchio topped with whipped cream. Pozzetto gelato in ParisPozzetto gelateria in Paris Pozzetto gelato in Paris

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