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Dinner at Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter in ParisDinner at Mama Shelter in Paris with my friend Jo. We arrived just before 11 pm but that’s never a problem at Mama Shelter’s restaurant since their kitchen doesn’t close until midnight…which is perfect for us who enjoys late night dinners ;-)

I couldn’t resist their salmon with avocado and pickled radish, my favourite starter at Mama Shelter and always delicious! Perfect mix and the salmon melts in your mouth….it used to be my “Swedish treat” when I was living in Paris…since salmon reminded me of Sweden :-) For dessert we both went for something including lot’s of chocolate, as in my case mousse au chocolat with whipped cream while Jo had their molten chocolate cake with a heart of Carambar. I always use to finish my dessert….but this one totally knocked me out. Chocolatecoma deluxe and I had to leave my dessert unfinished…..I know, never happens! We had plenty of cocktails I started with a very fresh one called Absynthe minded (Gin Hendicks, absynthe, chatreuse verte, cordial de citronelle, verveine citronnée, citron jaune)…..and then I couldn’t say no to their candy shot with schtroumpf, tagada, carambar and banana. We also had several different wines….life at it’s best in Paris, enjoying great company with good food and wine.

Our waitress was superkind, very helpful and service-minded and that is why I go to Mama Shelter very often. The relaxed and familiar atmosphere, the cozy interior and together with the great service makes you feel like home :-)

Mama Shelter109 Rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris

Mama Shelter in ParisMama Shelter in Paris Mama Shelter in Paris Mama Shelter in Paris Mama Shelter in Paris Mama Shelter in ParisMama Shelter in Paris

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This Paris blog is created and maintained by Solli, a Swedish Expat living in Paris working as a Photographer. When she is not behind the lens or setting off to a new destination she loves to be in the kitchen and play around with whole, organic and seasonal food. In this blog she shares some glimpses of her everyday life as a bonne vivante wherever in the world she might be. Enjoy following her journey through life...


  • Milsters @ Little Pieces of Light
    05 May 2013 at 11:37

    Hello, hello! Just browsing through your website. I love the photos!! They’re gorgeous! And I am a big fan of Mama Shelter – if only for the ambience and the cocktails.

    Looking forward to more of your posts!



  • Solli
    05 May 2013 at 21:55

    Milsters – I’m happy to hear, thanks :-) Wish they would open a Mama Shelter here in Copenhagen…it would have turned into my second home, that’s for sure. Now I have to enjoy it every now and then when I’m in Paris…but that’s fine too ;-)

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