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Cire TrudonCire Trudon – the oldest French manufacturer that produces the world’s most prestigious candles of the highest quality. During my latest trip to Paris I visited the charming boutique of Cire Trudon at 78 Rue de Seine. I love having candles in my home just to add a cozy atmosphere and each time I’m in Paris I always bring at least one Cire Trudon candle with me back home.

I’m not the only one beeing addicted to Cire Trudon’s candles, some of the clients in the past was acctually Napoleon and Marie Antoinette. The Trudon company also supplied the court of Louis XIV with their scented candles and also many palaces and large churches in France. If you visit their website you can find lot’s of interesting facts and the history behind the brand.

I’ve been a loyal client to Cire Trudon for years and besides the appealing fragrances, elegant glasses emblazoned with the Cire Trudon gold crest the candles comes in I buy them because they are all made of vegetal ingredients, 100% cotton wicks and free from petrol derivates with other words, they are safe for users. If you, like me, love scented candles, I want you to be aware and always check the ingredients when buying candles. Unfortunately many candles on the market are made of paraffin, the final byproduct in the petroleum refining chain. The burning of paraffin contaminates the air with toxic particles, so be aware and avoid all the toxic candles made of paraffin.

There are two Cire Trudon stores in the world, the one I visited in Paris and one in London. It is possible to buy the candles online, but I prefer going to the boutique in Paris, it’s an experience in itself and I get to smell the different candles before buying one. The staff are very service minded, if you ask them for help they would kindly assist you. In the photos I’ve taken below you can see that every candle is under a dome. Instead of smelling right on the candle (which often are too strong) the staff will lift the dome while allowing you to smell the inside of it. That way you can feel how the candle smells like and if you want to know the essential ingredients the staff know them by heart. I did buy a new candle during my latest visit to Cire Trudon and I will show it here in another blogpost.

Cire Trudon78 Rue De Seine, 75006 Paris

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