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Eggs from happy hens and chickens

Eggs from happy hens and chickensHappy egg – happy me

Eggs are mass consumed during Easter, and for me, who loves eating eggs it’s a pure joy :-)

Here in Denmark I’ve found biodynamic eggs that I use to buy and also orchard eggs. I always find it difficult when I’m in a new country trying to find eggs from healthy and happy hens and chickens. Just because some eggs are labelled as free-range or ecological doesn’t mean they’re not locked up in cages. Some people seems not to care what kind of eggs they’re eating and some people just go for the cheapest eggs without caring about how the hens are treated. I find that worrying and also when I see how Noble Foods, one of Britain’s largest egg producer are selling eggs labelled “free-range” and claiming they care about the welfare of their hens in reality have miserable farms with sick and dying animals, overcrowded spaces etc. On their website everything looks so idyllic but when I saw this investigation at Sky News I got sick.

It’s a jungle and finding eggs from a good producer can be difficult, but I’m happy I’ve found two producers here in Denmark that let me endulge myself in eggs from happy and healthy hens and chickens fed with organic diet free from antibiotics and pesticides….

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  • Vanessa
    29 March 2013 at 21:53

    I am always happy when reading that more and more people think before they buy.
    Happy Easter.

  • Solli
    29 March 2013 at 22:40

    Vanessa – I hope that more and more people will think twice before they buy food and not just eggs. Seems that some people are so focused on the price tag, to buy very cheap food that they sometimes forget what they are really buying…. Happy Easter to you too!

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