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L’Avenue restaurant in Paris

L'Avenue restaurant in Paris

Paris has once again been crowded with fashion people from all around the world – who wants to miss the fashion week in Paris when the fashion houses are showing their haute couture collections on the catwalk? A perfect place to have dinner at in between the fashionshows and the fashionparties later in the evening is at Costes restaurant L’Avenue, situated right in le triangle d’or. Facing Maison Dior just across the street, Chloé and Chanel and Jimmy Choo you just can’t be more fashionable located ;-)

The restaurant is decorated by Garcia and my favourite place is outside on the terrasse. It’s true that l’Avenue is one of the classic show-off spots in Paris…unfortunately the beautiful but non-smiling waitresses takes that too seriously and are more full of themselves and think they’re on a catwalk rather than serving people in a restaurant which affect the service, once you have ordered you’re forgotten. But the food is actually very good, just like at the most Costes restaurants in Paris. This time I had fois gras with toasts as starter and fish as main dish, very delicious. The tables are placed very closed next to each other so it’s a very intime atmosphere and you can’t help listening to the conversation of the couples sitting next to you, at least if you’re name is Solli. Remember once how a very famous French actor that is around 50 or 60 years old was asking his friend why his girlfriend in the age of 20 wasn’t so eager about their planned summer holiday in the mountains in the States as he was? Hrmm….could it be the age difference? And perhaps that she was only looking for one thing in their relation? Some people are blind. Or once when a married man was telling his friend about his last date with an escort girl and he had nearly been caught by his wife….life issues of some Parisiens..

I used to go for dinner at L’Avenue at least twice a month when I was living in Paris and one of the reasons was their fois gras that I always had as starter, two large slices with some toasts…un vrai délice! And for some gossip ofcourse ;-)

Some celebs who also prefers eating at L’Avenue are Kate Moss, Jude Law, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Reese Witherspoon etc…

L’Avenue restaurant – 41 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris

L'Avenue restaurant in Paris

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  • Solli
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    Tina – totally agree with u :-)

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