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Solli KananiMe in Paris one year ago…

Thanks for all your questions…here are all my answers ;-) If you have more questions drop a line to this post and I will save it till I will have another Q&A in the future…here we go:

1.I don’t know if it’s to private.. but how can you afford all those trips? Do you have an inheritance or it’s the money you earned? It’s not mean or anything it’s my dream to travel as you do one day ; )

2. Are you fluent in french?

3. You mentioned that you are an engineer; what is you degree in?
4. Do you have a boyfriend?

5. Do you have fear?
How do you keep yourself in shape?
I really like the impact your blog has on me… You seem to be really strong and independent as well as cultivated and refined. Plus I like the fact that you’re able to spend one year in a foreign country especially France and that you can live Paris that you love so much to work somewhere else.
I really like your lifestyle and your philosophy of life. Your blog is really one of a kind so thank you for that Solli!
Of course if you find my questions too intrusive you can skip them!
Have a great weekend! – Amanda


Thanks Amanda for your questions and comments, happy you enjoy my blog :-)

1. Travelling is wonderful and it’s something I love to do, discovering new places and meet new people. I don’t have any inheritance and I pay my own trips and everything that comes along with my own money, that I’ve earned through working.
As you can see in my blog I don’t do very much shopping, I don’t buy new clothes very often etc etc. If I buy something I do it with the intension that it should be something I can wear or use for years, something that doesn’t go out of style, good quality etc. By doing that I’m able to save money to do my trips :-)
2. I’m not fluent in French. I mean, I can speak French but not fluent as a French person. But I try to keep that beautiful language alive by reading French novels, listening to French radio, writing e-mails in French to my French friends in Paris…etc
3. I’m an engineer, I studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, I have a Bachelor of Science in Engineering – Industrial Economics.
4. No boyfriend.
5. Have no fears. I think I’ve been through so many things in life and even been close to death that there is nothing I fear anymore.
6. How I keep myself in shape? Well, I’ve never been on any diet, I eat what I want and whenever I want. As you can see I have a sweettooth and I’m crazy about pastries and cakes. I try to eat good quality food, home-made food etc no proccessed or fast-food. I don’t have any routine on working out but I do swing my kettlebells ones in a while :-) Oh, and I also do some running…every morning to catch the train ;-)

1. If it’s not too private to ask, I’ve seen on some photos you are wearing rings on your fingers…engagement ring?
for example on this photo:
2. AND I also wonder, when will you move back to Paris? I think you and Paris are wonderful together!Sandrine


1. Those two rings in white gold are my favorite ones and they are not any engagement rings. I designed one of them when I was 18 years old, inspired by Cartier’s Trinity rings :-)
And the other one is when I was 20, so I’ve had the rings for over 10 years… One of them is small that I can’t have on another finger than my ring fingers and I know people thinks I’m either married or engaged but that is not the case. 2. YES, me and Paris will get back together, you will know when on my blog ;-)

My questions: 1. do you have a boyfriend? :) 2. will you ever move back to paris? 3. Where will u move to next time?Nicolina

1. No boyfriend.
2. Yes, I will move back to Paris, but not now.
3. I’m going to move to Copenhagen, a charming, vibrant and wonderful city, also known as Scandinavias little Paris.

You seem to be very passionate about interior and antiques…old objects to be more exact. You seemed to enjoy you work in the gallery in Paris so I wonder if you are still working with antiques? Does your new job in Copenhagen has anything to do with interior maybe?Peter


I loved my work in Paris! And I’m still passionate about interior and antiques and old objects in general. My work in Copenhagen has nothing to do with interior, but I’m enjoying my work since its very developing and also is something I’m interested in.
When it comes to my passion I’m still keeping it alive, thats one of the reasons I visited the Portobello Market in London and some antique shops when I was there. And all the antique shops in Antwerp last week. The reason why I’m doing that is for a secret project I’m working on….to be continued ;-)

Can’t you tell us more about your new job in Copenhagen? I’m really curious :-) – Lisa

Well, my job in Copenhagen is amazing and I love it! In order to keep some things in privacy I won’t reveal the name of the company. But it’s a big international company and I’m working in the Marketing department at the head-office, were we are over 400 people working in total.
We are around 15-20 working in the Marketing department and I’m not exaggerating saying that all my colleagues are so friendly, nice and helpful. My collegues and my manager really made me feel welcomed when I started months ago and I have a good relation with them all.

I’m responsible for the Swedish and the International market and I mainly work with online marketing, I create different campaigns, develop the mobile site, booking system, marketing activities, Facebook page, blog, social medias, website, CRM etc


You seem to have had a great time in London! I’m looking forward reading your London posts :-)
Who did you go there with?Sara


YES, I did have a great time in London and I’m doing my best to share my London weekend with you on my blog. Still some blogposts to publish ;-) I went to London by myself :-)


How was it studying French at Sorbonne? Do you recommend their French-course?Anne


It was great studying French at Sorbonne but to be honest I believe I learned more French while I was working at Ladurée ;-)


can you name some persons that inspires you most?Jessica


There are many people in my life (friends and family) that inspires me..but also people I’ve met during my travels around in the world. Other people that inspires me are Robin Sharma and Steve Jobs.


1. What are for you the 2 or 3 quality to succeed in life?
2. What are your favorite spots to have a brunch in Paris?
3. What is you favorite food?

Thank you!Cléa


 1. positive in mind, strong mentality and staying true to yourself 2. Café Charlot is my favourite place to have brunch at in Paris. 3. I love almost everything that comes from the French and Italian kitchen :-)


First of all, I love your blog, you are such an amazing person!

You seem to eat alot of sweets, baking often etc…and you’re still in such good shape! what is your secret? maybe you don’t eat all that?Emma


Thanks Emma! I love sweets and YES…I eat everything that I’ve posted photos on…and more ;-) I really don’t do much to keep myself in shape…I avoid fast-food and processed food…try to eat home-made food…workout once in a while but not regularly.

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