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Remember the visionboard I published on my blog in February? I wrote that I wanted to travel more and that is what I will do alot  this year…thats for sure! I’ve already bought tickets to some great places in Europe that I will visit this year and the trip I will do very soon is to London! I’ve never been there before (only at the airport and that doesn’t counts). So I thought of giving myself a treat by going to London in the end of May for a weekend :-)

I will live in Notting Hill (still haven’t seen the movie but I guess it would be great if I did before I leave) which means I will be close to the charming Portobello Market that I’m planning to visit. I’ve also bought a ticket to the musical “The Phantom of the Opera” at Her Majesty’s Theatre. I was lucky to find myself one of the best seats in the theatre and I really can’t wait to see one of my favourite musicals in London! I will also have a Very Brittish Afternoon Tea and I have found a great place (Bumpkins in Notting Hill) where they serve homebaked scones, homemade marmelade and organic teas……

A visit to Tate Modern to see Damien Hirsts exhibition and a visit to the Design Museum to see the Christian Louboutin exhibition are other things I’ve put on my list.

I will also do lots of sightseeing around in the city…if you have any recommandations and tips for me to do or see in London, please leave a comment :-)

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  • Her Majesty The Queen
    05 May 2012 at 11:02

    My Dear Lady Solli,

    We, Great Britain, are immensely proud and delighted to welcome you into our land and into our great city of London. Your venue will enlightened our mind and warm our heart. I call upon all my fellow citizens to great you with open arms. The entire Kingdom wishes you a fantastic and memorable stay among us.

    Her Majesty the Queen

  • Winston Churchill
    05 May 2012 at 11:57

    Hi Girl,

    This is not Paris here, here we don’t talk blablabla like the Parisians, Here this is London, a real town with Londoners, with don’t have Johnny Hallyday here, No, here we have The Beatles( ok they are not from London but who cares!! ). Anyway, great choice to come here, we will welcome you with open arms, with one pint of beer (London Pride) in one hand and a cup of tea in the other hand (We don’t offer tiny cup of coffee like the frenchies here).

    You will start the day with a dinner (We call it English breakfast but it’s a dinner really!) Made of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, oily bread, beans, sausages, ketchup. The proper stuff really, here you will never get a tiny piece of sweet bread with a moon shape that the frenchies gives you.

    After that if you go for a bike ride to digest make sure this time you ride on the right side of the road. Not sure why the French always ride on the wrong side of the road (Crazy really this Parisians!).

    When you great people in the street, please don’t do these Parisian cheek kisses (Eughhhh, we are not bulldogs!), please no, Here we do Hugs, Big Hugs that’s the way to say Hi.

    By the way, if you see lots people shouting and screaming with red and white flags, that is not a strike, like they do every hour in Paris. No, that’s probably supporters of Arsenal leaving the stadium after their team have won against spurs in the local derby (Yeeesss, Come on Arsenal!).
    Don’t loose your time like the Parisian do for lunch, two pieces of bread with marmalade and ham and mint sauce and marmite and off you go!
    Oh Yeah, and if you go to Piccadilly Circus, don’t look for animals you won’t find any,well you may see a few dogs, a few pigeon and on or two lost parisians ( What are they doing here!).

    At 4 pm o clock, if all the traffic stop, don’t panic, that’s normal, it’s not one of those Parisian traffic jam. No, here it’s normal, it’s tea time, a nice cup of tea and two Mc Vities biscuit and we carry on!

    No worries for dinner, just find yourself a pub, sort yourself out with a few pints of Guinness and some peanuts and you will be fine for the rest of the night!

    Oh Yes I forgot, don’t bother bringing your blackberry it’s useless, Only Apple are useful here!

    Anyway, the point is London is great, yeah it’s great and it will be good to have you around! And if you visit Westminster don’t forget to say Hi to me, I stand day and night opposite the building!

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