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Amazing artichokes…

ArtichokesArtichoke is one of my favourite vegetables. It has a spectacular taste and superb nutrition, who cannot love that vegetable?

The ones I prepeared yesterday and that you can see in the photos are straight from France (still not the season in Sweden…) and I boiled them for about 1 hour with one lemon (straight from Italy!) and with some salt, sugar and love from Sweden ;-).

The joy of eating an artichoke: First I remove the fuzzy choke guarding the heart in the middle and I put one to two tablespoons of salty butter on the heart so it can melt. Then I pull of one of the outermost petals and dip it in the melted butter…I pull the petal through my slightly clenched teeth to remove the soft flesh at the bottom of the petal..and I go on like that until all the petals has been removed and that is when I have arrived to one of the culinary rewards, the heart!  Now the heart is soaked with the melted butter and it is heavenly delicious!


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  • Patricio
    02 May 2012 at 19:46

    Hej! Eftersom du gillar kronärtskockor så vill jag tipsa dig om följande recept:

    Det är himmelskt gott! Jag rekommenderar dig att byta ut potatisen mot pasta.

    Bonne chance! :-)

  • Solli
    02 May 2012 at 20:02

    Pato – I will try that!

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