the reflection of my high heels in the mirror @ L'Arc

My dinner at L’ARC in Paris resulted in a sugar coma…and I was not impressed by the food at all. The vegetables in the starter were not tasty…either they were over-boiled or came out straight from the jar? Ok, we can all have bad luck with the entry I thought for myself looking forward the maincourse… I recieved two fish fillets soaked in oil…the oil was literally dripping from them…thank God they were rescued by the four thick sliced zucchinis otherwise they would have been floating in the oil sea in the plate….what a catastrophe! As dessert we both ordered île flottante (floating island), it’s one of my favourite French desserts and it’s an island (whipped egg whites) floating in crème anglaise (vanilla sauce). First of all…too much sugar! And the vanilla sauce looked very artificial with it’s strange orange color? Did they perhaps accidently drop a jar of liquid food colors in it?

In short it was too bad the food didn’t appeal to me. The service was good and the restaurant (that also has a nightclub) is situated next to the L’Arc de Triomphe in Paris…with a amazing view.

L’ARC – 12 rue de Presbourg, 75016 Paris

Dinner @ L'Arc

Dinner @ L'Arc

Dinner @ L'Arc

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