Harmless entertainment or child abuse?

Eden Wood6-year old Eden Wood (image source)

Beauty contests for children in the US are a big industry with lots of money involved and what I’ve recently read in the magazines makes me wonder how the parents of these children can expose their children for this industry that mostly attracts pedophiles?

Eden Wood, a 6 years old girl, has since 2009 (when she was 4 years old) been featured in Toddlers and Tiaras (an American reality serie) and she have been winning prizes in several beauty contests for children, she have published her book “Eden Wood: From Cradle to Crown”, released an Eden Wood doll, she has appeared in two movies and released five songs. This girls is only 6 years old and it’s sad she is not enabled to enjoy her childhood. What I see is a parent who is exploiting her child. I don’t believe that a child in that age has that maturity to be involved in that kind of business….

Paisley3-year old Paisley (image source)

Paisley, a three year old child, got her costume made by her mom for a beauty contest, she was going to be Julia Robert’s character as a prostitute in “Pretty Woman”. Another mom put fake boobs and fake butt to her 4-years old child, Maddy Jackson, so she could perfom as Dolly Parton in a contest.

Obviously these mothers see no limits in exposing their children, either they’re trying to achieve what they never had in their own life and are trying to reach fame by their children or they just want fame and succes on behalf of their children.

What I see is that these children are missing a beautfiful childhood, their youthful essence are taken away by their parents. These parents are sexualising their children, they are abusing them in a very harmful way and exposing them to pedophiles who, I’m sure, are watching these contests on TV.

Another popular show in the US is the Jimmy Kimmel Live!, an American late night talk-show. He use to give missions to parents who are watching the show. One of them was to video-tape their child/children while they are telling them that they (the parents) just had eaten all the Halloween candies that the child/children had been collecting during Halloween. Many parents did this and sent the videoclips to Jimmy Kimmel Live! and some of them were picked and showed live. We all know how much most of the children loves candy. Imagine then how much effort they have put to collect candies during the Halloween, and imagine their reaction if you tell them you ate ALL of their candy? Most of the children we’re crying when they heard that their parents had eaten their candy and the audience we’re laughing to theses kids, even the parents were laughing behind the cameras. How cruel isn’t that? Since when is it entertainment to see children being hurted in that way? How fun is it to watch a child cry? For me that is not entertainment.

When I hear about these kind of shows and contests I just feel disgusted by these parents who are abusing their children for the public entertainment. But also all the producers and all the other people behind these kind of productions. Parents are supposed to protect their children, what we are seeing is the contrary. You need to have a license to drive a car, I believe you need to have a license to have a child. Obviously there are many people who are not qualified as parents…. And I wonder how these children will turn out like when they’re adults? I hope their parents will take their responsibilites and deal with the consequences…

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  • Andy Phil
    25 November 2011 at 10:24

    Harmless entertainment or child abuse is harmful for the children and society. It also affect children are missing a beautiful childhood. I noticed that very harmful way and exposing them to pedophiles. Keep up this mentioned!

  • iEatVogueForBreakfast
    28 November 2011 at 22:13

    the parents of these kids harmfully sexualise them. i think those “beauty contests” should be illegal, due to its bad effect on the innocent kids. it ruin their childhood and expose them to pedophiles.

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