I made the delicious flowercake at my friend Hana’s place and for you guys who asked me for the recepie last time I wrote about the flowercake, here it comes:

Flowercake, recepie for 8 persons (the recepie belongs to my friend Vanessa, her grandmother from Brazil used to make her this cake ;-) )

6 eggs
3 dl  sugar
1,5 dl flour
2 spoons of liquid essence of orange blossom flower
3 spoons of vinagre (white)
1 tea spoon of baking power


Mix the 6 eggs with the sugar. Then add the flour, the baking power and mix it very well mixed.
Finally add the orange blossom and the vinagre and mix it all. Put it in a round mold in the furnace for 40 minutes at the thermostat 7.
When it’s ready unmold the cake and add the final touch.

Final Touch:

10 big spoons of milk
4 spoons of sugar
1 spoon and a half of butter
Grated coconut (a lot)


Put it all in a pan and cook it until the butter is melted. You will obtain a buttered milk.
Then with a spoon humidify the hot cake with all that buttered milk, gradually until it absorves it all.
Finally add the grated coconut all over it. You can decorate it with flours, mistletoe, or anything else of your choice.


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