Dinner on an Italian restaurant just across the street from where I live

It’s really fun having Lisa in Paris :-) Yesterday evening we went to an Italian restaurant, just across the street from where I live and had dinner after the cinema. We talked about everything between heaven and earth and I wondered how it was living in Poland? My friend Lisa is Swedish and her husband is Spanish (and works for Air France), they have been living in Paris for a couple of years but through her husbands job they moved to Warsaw for more than a year ago. She told me about the food, fashion, the society etc and she told me the most bizarr stories about some of their neighbours in their residence…and then we had lots of baby-talk. She and her husband is having a baby  soon, they call her Bubble in the meanwhile she’s still inside…and she told me they’re going to teach Bubble three languages in the beginning: English, Swedish and Spanish, me likey :-)

My friend Lisa and Bubble

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  • Ellinor
    24 February 2011 at 9:17

    Härligt med så trevligt sällskap!

  • Hana
    24 February 2011 at 20:46

    Åh vad mysigt och gott med pannacotta!

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