Back in Sweden…

I never made it to Paris :-( Yesterday two trains that were leaving from Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark were cancelled. Then a third train was on it’s way but was more than 30 minutes delayed. I got to the check-in 5 minutes too late and they didn’t let me in. I was at the airport at 18h20 and the check-in closed at 18h15, the flight was supposed to leave at 19h…but while I stood there it turned out that it was delayed to 19h25!!! So I could have made it but still they didn’t let me and all the other passengers from Sweden that was on the same train as me to check-in. And I didn’t even get a refund. So I had to buy a super-expensive ticket for today, this time I’m going to be at the airport in Copenhagen 5 hours before departure….I thought that 2 hours would had been enough, especially when it’s only 55 minutes from where my family lives in south of Sweden to the airport in Copenhagen. But today I found out that it doesn’t matter that it snows in Sweden every single year, the responsible for the trainways ALWAYS get surprised by the snow. In Paris I think it’s normal that they get “paralyzed” by the snow since it’s not common with snow over there but in a country where it snows every single year I expect that the responsible people for the public transportation should be aware of this and start to improve their trains etc to tolerate snow….

Apart from that I never got to 55 minutes trip back home to Sweden last night turned out to be 3 hours instead….I was so happy when I got home…NOT

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  • Ellinor
    04 January 2011 at 9:38

    Kolla upp dina rättigheter för en refund. En kompis blev också nekad det pga. försenat tåg och därmed missat flyg, medan en annan tjej fått ut det efter att ha stridit lite för sin sak. Lita således inte på vad de säger på flygplatsen utan kolla med SJ eller vilka det nu var du åkte tåg med!
    Hoppas det går bättre idag!

  • Patricio
    04 January 2011 at 18:11

    You poor thing! =(

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