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BenQ Palette Master Element

Review of BenQ Palette Master Element

Calibrating and profiling a monitor is the key to achieve digital and printed photos with colors and other attributes that resembles the original image as much as possible. For a more comprehensive explanation read my previous article where you…

x-rite i1Display

Review of X-Rite i1Display Pro

I have had the opportunity to try X-Rite i1Display Pro. In this review I will share my experience of it, how to calibrate your monitor and create an ICC profile. Before introducing you to the colorimeter I believe it…


Review of monitor for photographers – BenQ SW271

A monitor suitable for photographers is essential notably if you print your photos or publish them online. Until now I have used the screen of my iMac and MacBook Pro when I have post-processed my photos. However, I always…

Rollei Cable Release Nikon

Rollei Cable Release for Nikon

As I’ve recently started with long exposure shootings, the 30 seconds max shutter speed in my Nikon D750 is not enough. First I bought Nikon‘s Remote Release Cord and used the timer in my iPhone. A solution, but not…

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