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Les bonbons, c’est tellement bon…

Les bonbons, c’est tellement bon (=candy is so good)…and the sweet smell of it even better :-) When I was living in the area of Odéon  at Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris I could always scent the sweet smell…

View from my old apartment in Odéon, Paris

A beautiful view…and beautiful memories

This is where I used to live, back in the days…. It is the apartment in Odéon (St Germain) where I spent my first year in Paris and I have so many beautiful memories from here :-) I’m still…

Ice cream Paris

Un hiver chez It Mylk

It Mylk It mylk doesn not only serve frozen yoghurt, they also have delicious cheesecake and hot chocolate :-) Have a seat in one of their cozy chairs, grab a magazine or just watch the people that are passing…

Ice cream Paris Restaurants and bistros

it mylk

I have a new neighbour and my favourite gelato bar GROM has got a competitor. It Mylk (15 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie) is a frozen yoghurt bar – ok, not a 100% competitor to GROM but almost. Who can…

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