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Electric by night

Electric House

Electric House is located upstairs from the Electric Brasserie, it’s a private memembers club with two floors with areas for eating, drinking, working and chillaxing. Very intime atmosphere during nightime, delicious signature drinks are served at their Club Bar…I was totally sold on their painkiller ;-)

I loved their style of interior and decoration. Beautiful velvet banquettes, industrial tables with rivets, beautiful paintings and framed photographies hanging on the walls was some of the things that caught my attention.

Unfortunately I was no allowed to take any photos inside since it was strictly forbidden and I do understand that since celebs such as Jude Law is one of their regulars…

Electric House – 191 Portobello Road, London

My sweet buddies

Ladurée London

Say hello to my sweet buddies, from left cherry blossom flower, strawberry and orange blossom flower. It was one of the highlights during my weekend in London, to endulge myself with some delicious macarons from Ladurée. What I had missed the sweet taste of them….

Ladurée London

Electric Brasserie in London

Electric Brasserie

Et voilà, one of my favourite places in London, Electric Brasserie! During my long weekend in London I went there everyday for their delicious breakfast (their crumpets are one of my favourites and so are their ricotta pancakes). I guess Christophe was my favourite waiter since he called me “Mademoiselle” from the very first moment, that sure put a smile on my face…and even though the place was pretty crowded and busy the service was excellent.

Next time I go there I hope I will have the time to catch a movie at Electric Cinema that is one of the oldest working cinemas in the country (1910). It must be an experience in itself with original interior, luxurious leather seating, footstools, tables and a fully-licensed bar serving food and drink.

Electric Brasserie – 191 Portobello Road, London

Electric Brasserie

Electric Brasserie

Lunch at Momo Café in London

Momo in London

During my weekend in London I metup a friend and daughter for lunch at Momo café. Momo café is well hidden  and a bit hard to find situated on a sidestreet to Regent Street between the tube stations Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street…but when you finally find it you will enjoy the relaxed atmospehere and the Marrakesh-souk-meets-Parisian-troquet styled environment. We had some Moroccan food and finished it with a cup of mint tea with orange blossom flower essence – which was a pure delight. Time passed by very fast but I had a great time and I completely adored the charming British accent that the daughter of my friend had. After lunch we passed by the department store Anthropologie, where I went back to later and snapped numbers of photos that I will share with you later…

Momo café –  25 Heddon Street, London (closest tube: Picadelly Circus and Oxford Street)

Momo in London

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