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Caramel Fleur de sel, Ladurée
Paris Pâtisseries

Rich, buttery and dangerously addictive..

With its rich and buttery caramel filling this macaron from Ladurée is dangerously addictive….After a bite of this divine macaron Caramel Fleur de Sel you can’t help craving for yet another one…. Ladurée – 16 Rue Bonaparte…

Ladurée London

My sweet buddies

Say hello to my sweet buddies, from left cherry blossom flower, strawberry and orange blossom flower. It was one of the highlights during my weekend in London, to endulge myself with some delicious macarons from Ladurée. What I had…

Ladurée macaron

In bed with…

…. my macarons. On the photo above you can see an almond macaron with fluffy marshmallow, from Ladurée. The two others who never made it to be captured on photo (and went straight in my mouth) were a rose…

Ladurée Stockholm
Pâtisseries Stockholm Sweden

Ladurée in Stockholm

Ladurée in Stockholm was supposed to open in the middle of April but it seems they are running late on their time-schedule. When I was passing by the boutique (situated at Grev Turegatan) on May 5th it looked like…

Rue Jacob

Rue Jacob

Rue Jacob is a charming street in St Germain in Paris and since there was a period I was working at Ladurée Bonaparte that is situated in the intersection of Rue Jacob and Rue Bonaparte, I was walking on…

Ladurée opening a boutique in Stockholm
Paris Pâtisseries Stockholm


Yes, it is true and now it’s official! Ladurée will open a boutique in Stockholm :-) If you can’t make it to Paris, then Paris comes to you…that goes for the people living in Stockholm that soon will be…

Macarones from Ladurée

It starts with a box….

Bought a box with macarones from Ladurée last week….couldn’t resist to play with them on our kitchen table before I tried them…one by one ;-)…

Outside Ladurée at Avenues des Champs Elysées
Paris Pâtisseries


Me and my daily treats at Ladurée :-) I only have a 5 minutes of walk to the closest Ladurée from where I live now, just like when I was living in Odéon, love that! But I’m not sure…

La Galette des Rois @ Ladurée, 21 rue Bonaparte
Paris Pâtisseries

La Galette des Rois

In France it’s a tradition to eat a Galette des Rois on January 6th. I bought one yesterday at Ladurée, because I know they make one of the best ones ;-) Last night my landlord had some friends over…


Everything comes to an end…

I’ve quitted my job. What will happen after I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, my latest job has been a challenge, when I started working I still wasn’t so secure in the French language. But now,…

Pâtisseries Restaurants and bistros


I’m still crazy in love with the macarones from Ladurée….I just can’t have enough of them. These delicious cute creatures makes my day :-) Rose petal, pistache, noix de coco, menthe, framboise from Ladurée, 21 Rue Bonaparte.…

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