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Café de Flore

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Mojitos @ Cafe Flore

Café de Flore is the perfect place to catch up over a drink and the perfect place to have a drink before going out partying at the private nightclub Montana that is situated next door. The Mojitos at Café…

Paris Restaurants and bistros


Last week I met a friend at Café de Flore in the morning and had a cup of hot chocolate…. A perfect start on a good day :-) And do I need to say I miss Saint Germain? Wish…

Paris Stockholm

Sweden – the dream of every French guy

Yesterday I went to the office of my friend Christophe, and met him and his friend. They’re working with a top-secret project and they wanted to show me the drafts. I was amazed…I can’t say more because I don’t…

Paris Pâtisseries

Café de Flore and Montana

At Café de Flore having their signature cocktail and ice cream, and this time it’s ot me having the ice-cream even though you might be surprised! But I will definately try their ice cream one day, I’m already a…

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