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Brunch at Café Charlot in Paris

Brunch at Café Charlot in Paris

Café Charlot in Paris is one of my favourite places for having an utterly delicious brunch at. It is a place I discovered when I moved to Paris in January 2010 and ever since I had my first brunch there I fell in love. Love affair deluxe I would call it…

As you can see in the photo above, me and my friends all went for their classic brunch menu: fresh squeezed orange juice, hot chocolate (to die for! Thick and creamy texture….), pain perdu, toast, cherry tomatos and shallots, fresh fruit salad, scrambled organic eggs with smoked salmon and soft chive cream cheese. Can you ask for more? This is THE place to bring your friends for some Sunday chillaxing and gossiping (ofcourse! we all want to know what happened last night at the party if your memory failed on you…) while endulging yourselves with a delicious brunch.

Café Charlot is located in the Marais district and is situated just across the Marché des Enfants Rouges (the oldest food market in Paris). It is a bistro with a retro interior and a very fashionable clientel…oh yes, this is the place were you can see the trendy Parisians almost fighting for a free table inside Café Charlot…..

It’s definately the place to be, either if you want to have a delicious brunch…or just be in the middle of a fashionshow ;-)

p.s. I’m not into burgers BUT Café Charlot‘s actual specialty is the cheese burger...which all my friends gives the thumb up for. So if you share the same passion, Café Charlot is the place!

Café Charlot – 38 rue de Bretagne, Paris

Brunch at Café Charlot in Paris

Brunch at Café Charlot in Paris

Brunch at Café Charlot in Paris

Brunch chez Le Café du Marché

Att äta brunch på söndagar är nästan ett måste. För inte så längesedan när min syster var på besök tog vi tillfället i akt och testade brunch-buffén på Le Café du Marché i Le Marais (48 rue Vieille du Temple). Kön till att få ett bord var lå vi ångrade inte den tiden vi fick vänta, buffén fick tummen upp av bägge och vi lämnade stället mätta och belåtna :-)

Buffén bestod av mängder av olika varmrätter, kallskuret, efterrätter och olika fruktfat med mango, papaya, jordgubbar etc. Priset låg på 22 EUR och man fick ta hur mycket man ville och det gällde även all dricka som kaffe, varm choklad, grapefruktjuice etc.

For a couple a weeks ago when my sister was in Paris visiting me we tried the buffé at Le Café du Marché in Le Marais (48 rue Vieille du Temple). The line to get a table was long … but we did not regret the time we had to wait, the buffet was great and we left the place satisfied and with a big smile on our faces.

The buffet consisted of lots of different hot and cold dishes, desserts and various fruit plates with mango, papaya, strawberries, etc. The price was 22 EUR and you could take how much food as you wanted and that included the coffee, hot chocolate, grapefruit juice, etc.


Brunch på Café 31


Startade helgen med en underbar brunch med mina härliga vänner :-) Hade planerat att bruncha på Sirap, men eftersom det var proppfullt och alldeles för hög ljudnivå slank vi in på Café 31 som låg intill istället. Där beställde jag en Vegetarisk brunch, se fotot ovan, en riktig mäktig och god brunch!

Både Sirap och Café 31 hittar ni på Surbrunnsgatan 31 ;-)